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John Barry

John Barry

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11/10/13 04:41 PM #5    

Donald Farquharson

John and I were lifelong friends, which all started at Haven (in the orchestra), and continued all the way up until his tragic and sudden death in 2003. We were pals all through high school, including our exploits with the Windjammers, and then on to Indiana University, where we were pledge brothers and members of the Citations rock band.  He was my best man when I married Andrea, in '67, and I was his when he married Virginia in 1970.  Lifelong friends understates the close and lasting bond we shared.   

Here are a few remembrances.  We were both aspiring drummers in 7th grade, but I soon switched to bass viol because there were no less than10 drummers in the orchestra, and the school's bass just sat there in the corner... calling to me.  John and Ronnie Hockett, and others, used to practice in John's basement as members of a band John started, called the Rhythm Rats.  I'll never forget the dancing rats he and his dad had stenciled on front of his bass drum. 

In high school, and college, John's nickname was Lightnin', in memory of his near-death experience when he was struck by lightning while canoeing with his father up in the Boundry Waters of Canada.   He actually had scars on the bottoms of his feet where the lighting passed through him.  Jeez!

A final tidbit:  When playing gigs with the Windjammers, John used to do a killer immitation of Satchmo on his big hit "Hello Dolly," and it would routinely bring the house down.  I can hear him singing it right now.  It never fails to put a big a smile on my face.  Thanks, John, for all the memories.

11/11/13 03:13 PM #6    

Mike Barnes

OMG.  This is horrible.  John and I were in church groups together at First Presbyterian for many years, and had gone on church camping trips.  He was certainly a part of all the bands that I remember. 

"Lightning" will sorely be missed.

01/17/14 11:17 PM #7    

Marty (Martin C. ) Campbell

Yes, John Berry.  Wonderful man with an everready warm smile.  Lots of spirit and an inner rhythm.

Thank you everybody for entering your memories of him.  I'm going to half to drag Jim Guetzkow on here to enter his.  N maybe he's in touch with Ronnie Hockett.

Man John Berry's spirit was very deep and subtle.  I can feel it all the way here, I doubt I've seen him since high school, unless we might've visited other Jammers at the same time, who were at Princeton, while we were in college.  Vague memory.  Long long time ago.  Playing Risk over and over all weekend long?  I think John mighta been like me, not really into that.

Yeah, I knew John at Orrington School, along with J.P. Rosenau.  Nick Howland; boy would i love to see or hear from Nick Howland again.  Ah my.  So much.  Wonder if I could get Steve Cohlmeyer on here.  Scare him up out of his Winnipeg architecture firm.  Ho lordy, we dun gone all over the place.

Bless us each.  Bless John Berry for blessing all of us with his lightning calm.

01/18/14 04:45 PM #8    

Marty (Martin C. ) Campbell

okay i'm back with this.  Jim Guetzkow says he misses John, and that Ronny Hockett moved to England to be near traditional jazz and a sister.  Jim himself has consistently been a doctor, though with recent switches in practice, in northern CA, since graduating from med school and getting married rather simultaneously in the Midwest as i recall.  they have children and i believe a grandchild or two.  i believe he has still played trombone with a jazz band or two, consistently through his life.  i'm trying to get him onto this website for at least a glance.

jim is the one who told me John Barry had passed away, right away at the time, some time between 2005 and 2009 [i see Don Farquaharson gives it above: 2003—boy, am i off!], my own life was so tenuous back then i can't remember just when it was.  are we supposed to mention cause of death in here?  there are many i don't know and would like to, so i'm going to mention this here.  John died of a sudden unexpected burst major artery that would've required him to be in the emergency room when it happened to save him, is how i recall it.  Jim could give you the medical terms.  i've ever since wondered if it could've been partly due to old weakening or damage from the lightning in childhood, but i'm not the specialist to know.

05/02/14 07:38 AM #9    

Patricia (Fatima) Lassar

05/03/14 05:48 AM #10    

Sherwin "Jay" Siegall

Love the picture Pat!


05/03/14 10:11 AM #11    

Suzi Schor (Revill)



What a great photo that brings back all the happiness at ETHS! heart



05/03/14 11:32 AM #12    

Marty (Martin C. ) Campbell

John is also in the Grade 5 (6/7) Orrington (elem.) School photo in "ETHS 1964 Photo Galleries" (midway down menu on the left) under Orrington School (paperclipped slide near the bottom).  [note the PAUSE button!]  he is in the second-from-the-back row, second from the left.  between Joel Morreau (Cindy Smith next to Joel on the end, below Pete McCoy) and Steve Gerth, below Mike Kane and John Ver Steeg. sorry i don't recall the lady below John, but she is between Debbie Strom and the Danish exchange student who could do The Hop better than any of us in Gym/Dance class (or was that after school?) (Dolly Danser next to her).  (Janet Bos (now Lefevre) at the far right, next to the teacher, Miss Wieboldt (before teach acquired her married name)).  ho god, let me shut up.  J.P. Rosenau is next to me, right of top.  Steve Simmonds next to me, left of top.  Lee Graber and Brian Childs on the bottom right.

08/01/14 07:18 PM #13    

Lee Graber

Having just signed on, there are a lot of names that bring smiles in remembrance of times shared in grade school, Haven Junior High and ETHS.  At the same time there is saddness in knowing that a friend you had and can still picture in your mind (circa 1960's) passed out of your life and too early from this world.  John was a neat guy, had an ability to talk to anyone and was talented on top of it. 

08/17/14 12:58 AM #14    

Susan Spiegel (Pastin)

I rmember the Windjammers!


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