Class of '64 Rakove Award

Received on May 6, 2022 from the ETHS English/History Department:

Dear Ms. Miehls,

Thank you for supporting an ETHS student each year through The Jack Rakove Class of 1964 Scholarship Award.

During the virtual Department Awards Ceremony on May 5, 2022, Jacklynn Okereke received the prestigious scholarship. Jacklynn was chosen unanimously by the History and Social Sciences teachers.

Ms. Ehmke, Okereke’s History teacher, has the following kind words regarding her.

Jackie is one of the most studious and diligent students I have ever encountered in my teaching career. Her work is completed thoughtfully and thoroughly. Perhaps more importantly, Jackie clearly engages with the material and asks questions to make sure she is understanding what we are learning. She works hard to apply psychological concepts to her own life, well beyond what we are doing in class. Jackie encourages her peers, stays focused, and helps others to understand material. I am fortunate to have had Jackie in class this year, and this award is going to a most deserving student!

Your continued support is always appreciated.


Zeynep Kinaci

English/History Dept. Secretary

English: 847-424-7400

History: 847-424-7740

Received on May 10, 2019 from the ETHS History/Social Science Department:

Thank you for supporting an ETHS student each year through the Class of 1964 Jack Rakove Award.

During the Department Awards Ceremony on May 9, Darius Johnson received the prestigious scholarship. He was chosen unanimously by the History-Social Science teachers.

Darius’s history teachers had the following kind words:

 “Darius comes to class each day with a smile on his face. He gets along very well with other students and has such a positive attitude. Darius is a thoughtful student who engages both our material and his classmates on a daily basis. He is curious about behavior and relies on his own experiences to process new material. Other students are drawn to Darius and his open, friendly demeanor. He is an asset to our discussions and growing knowledge of human behavior. I am convinced he will leave a wonderful mark on his professors and classmates at UC Santa Clara in the years to come.”

And from Darius Johnson himself:

I want to extend both my appreciation and gratitude for the Jack Rakove/Class of 1964 Scholarship Award. I am both honored and humbled to be chosen for this award, and I couldn't be more thankful and excited to represent this award in the best way possible.

Thank you, Class of 1964, this award is both supportive and beneficial for my future endeavors at the Leavey School of Business, at Santa Clara University, in the Silicon Valley.

Annual Award in History/Social Science honoring Jack Rakove - Background Info

Origin of the Award -- On the 50th anniversary of our graduation, ETHS conferred upon our classmate Jack Rakove – now a history professor at Stanford and a Pulitzer Prize winner -- the ETHS Distinguished Alumni Award. Enthusiasm grew on our class reunion web page for establishing an ongoing prize honoring both Jack and our class. The result is the Class of 1964/Jack Rakove Award in History and Social Sciences. Thanks to the generosity of class members, an award will be given each year to a student who demonstrates growth and improvement in history over the four years of high school. The distinction comes with a $1,000 cash prize. A plaque announcing the “Class of 1964/Jack Rakove Award in History/Social Sciences” hangs in the school, and each year the name of the winning student will be added.

About Jack -- Jack Rakove earned his AB in 1968 from Haverford College and his PhD in 1975 from Harvard University. He is the W.R. Coe Professor of History and American Studies and professor of political science at Stanford University, where he has taught since 1980. He also taught at Colgate University from 1975 to 1980. He has been a visiting professor at the NYU School of Law. Jack won the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for History for his book Original Meanings: Politics and Ideas in the Making of the Constitution (1996) which questioned whether originalism is a comprehensive and exhaustive means of interpreting the Constitution. Revolutionaries: A New History of the Invention of America (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) was a finalist for the George Washington Book Prize.

Special thanks to those who proposed the idea; to the classmates who jumped aboard early and the ones who came on later; to those who volunteered time to strategize the campaign and engineer the logistics; to class members who directly asked friends to pitch in; to our hardworking webmasters; to the alumni office for bookkeeping help; to the generous donor who fortified us by anonymously matching gifts during the final days of 2016, and to Jack Rakove and the history department for formulating criteria for the prize.


Winston Alt

Debra Ancheta Canedy – In loving honor of my husband, David L. Canedy, and our own personal history

Judith W. Anderson – In memory of our deceased classmates, as well as my sisters, Betsy, Class of 1956, and Meredith, Class of 1960


Alan Axelrod – In honor of Jack and Roberta Rakove

Mike Barnes – In honor of Bill Ditton and Ken Sole

Susan Barrett – In memory of George Hildreth

Rosanne Bass Keynan – In memory of my late brother, Alan Bass, ETHS Class of 1968, and in memory of the nine worshippers murdered at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina

Pam Beall Art

Lynn Bender Cary – In memory of my mother Nancy Barry Bender who graduated from ETHS and wanted her children to also

Sue Blumenfeld Zipkoff – In loving memory of my parents, Leo and Natalie Blumenfeld, who I lost over 25 years ago

Edward Boesel

Marilyn Bogan

Janet Bos Lefevre - in memory of my best best friend at ETHS, Cathy Carlborg 

Bruce Boyer

Fred Brostoff - In honor of my parents who moved from Chicago to Evanston so their children could get a premium education by attending ETHS

Judith Burkhead

Rick Caldwell

Michael Cardno

Susan Chausow Southam

Victor Conant

Preston Cook

Kathy Dalgety Miehls – In memory of my late brother, David Dalgety, Class of 1970

Peter Davis

Gloria DeFilipps Brush – In memory of classmates no longer with us

Susan Draut Kearney – Growing up in Evanston and attending ETHS meant a great deal to me! The staff of teachers prepared me well for college at the University of Illinois and instilled in me good qualities for being a responsible human being. My husband and I believe education is a great equalizer. I heartily support giving to The Rakove Award. Please accept my donation to help make this award possible for a deserving ETHS Student.

Donna Dullin Nemanic — In memory of my father, Gus Dullin, Class of 1941, and my friend, Judith Johnson (Olson), Class of 1964

Alice Elliott Treyz

Don Farquharson

Wendy Garber

Stephen Gerth — In memory of my mother, Jacqueline "Jackie" Gerth (10/04/1921 – 12/10/2015), ETHS alumna 1939 and ETHS math teacher (1963-1969). May the love of learning she fostered in her students and her love of ETHS forever endure.

Gale Glassner Twersky – In memory of all my deceased classmates and in honor of all my ETHS teachers and advisors

Marilyn Golan Bogan - In memory of those who are no longer with us and in honor of the ETHS ’64 grads in Colorado with whom I’ve reconnected

Sally Goodis – In honor of jack and Helen Rakove for their generosity toward my parents Mitzi and Joe Goodis.

Mark Goodman – In gratitude to ETHS and the education that all of us were blessed to receive; it was an experience that set the stage for so many of the good things we have been able to enjoy in life

Lee Graber – In honor of my ETHS teachers in the social sciences who made learning these subjects stimulating and fun!

Ruth Gross - In memory of the great ETHS history teachers I had at ETHS: Charles Thomas, Justin Kestenbaum, Thomas Sharp, and Bernard Mattson

Tim Groves

Arthur Hallstrom – In memory of my dad, Arthur Hallstrom, ’36, who married my mom, Alice, ’40, who lives with my sister, Nancy, ’66, in Deerfield, IL, and Waupaca, WI

Bob Hamrin - In honor of my parents, who, along with me, so enjoyed having Jack over to our house many times during our close friendship during the high school years

Jack Hayes ­– In honor of Dr. Gerald Unks

Linda Hayward Niedermeier – in memory of our class members who are now deceased, especially Cathy Carlborg Gilmartin

Sherry Hirsch

Joan Hirshman - In memory of my parents, Arthur and Gerry Hirshman, who chose to move to Evanston from Chicago when I was in 5th grade.

Vicki Hlavacek – In memory of our deceased classmates

Susan Holsten Blumer

Deborah G. Horwitz

Cynthia (and Philip) Huber Major

Sherrie Igoe Dembrowski – in honor of ETHS, Jack Rakove, and the incredible class of 1964!

Steve Johnson

Karen Kennedy Lawrence – In memory of all the unrecognized, quiet, invisible students who succeed in achieving their goals and know how to play it forward

Pat (Fatima) Lassar

Marjorie Leopold – In memory of David Fox

Terry Levine Rose - In honor of the amazing Class of ’64, both present and deceased

Jeffrey R. Liebman

Karl Morthole – In honor of my mother and father and my ETHS history teachers Gerald Unks and Bernard Mattson

Vernon Neece

Pauline Noznick Gerstein – in memory of Linda Pontius Relias and my brother Peter Noznick, Class of 1966

John O’Boyle

Fran O’Connell

Joyce Piell Wexler – In honor of Mrs. Finley and Mrs. Panwitt

Stephen Place - In memory of my father, ETHS Class of 1937

Jack Rakove - In memory of my ETHS teachers Bernard Mattson, Thomas Sharp, and Nadine Sharp, and with thanks to the Award committee

Roberta Rakove

Sylvia Ramming Wulffen – In gratitude to ETHS staff and students of the Class of ’64 for the welcome and kindness extended to me as a new immigrant

Jean Rappaport Stoll

John C. Rasmussen

Robert Reece — In memory of Coach Jack Tosh

Robert Reeder

Patricia Richey Wanzenberg - In memory/honor of Gerri Bach Deerfield, a very dear friend who is so missed

Ruth Roberts – In memory of our classmate E. F. Wen (Nancy Ling)

William Robb and Louise Dietrich Robb

Holly Romans Green - In honor of my deceased classmates

Lory Rosenberg - In memory and honor of my soulmate, Ken Lee, Class of 1962, whose brilliance and talent still shine in my heart

John Roseneau – In memory of Lance Corporal Mike Badsing, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines, killed in action in Vietnam in September of 1965

Alice Rosengard – In memory of Malcolm Mosing

Nancy Schroeder - With best wishes to Jack Rakove

S. Charles Schulz

Martin Schwartz - Remembering Gerri Bach Deerfield, who made my friend Jim so happy, and Wally Schnell, who personified the spirit of our class

Judi Sheahan Lindgren

Renee Sherer Schleicher – In memory of Roy Gutman

Sherwin Jay Siegall - In memory of my brother Howard A. Siegall, ETHS Class of 1959, all our departed classmates, and to my parents, Leo and Beverly Siegall. for having the foresight in moving our family to Evanston in 1953 from the Austin area on the west side of Chicago

Mike Silverman - in memory of my parents who originated the nickname "Happy Jack" and who correctly observed that Jack's intellect was at a completely different level than that of my other friends. Unfortunately, that bar wasn't all that high. (Sorry Pete.) In any event, I'm glad to be a part of it.

Steve Simmonds

Peter Skoglund

Trudi Spaeth Rosazza

Susan Spiegel Pastin – In honor of Paul J. Hartman and Diane Shapiro Gomberg

Charles and Barbara Thompson

Alison Van Swearingen Brown - In memory of all our deceased classmates

Christine L. Vasar

John Ver Steeg

Omer G. Voss, Jr.

Bill Wanlund

Erik Wickstrom

Richard R. Winokur

Scott H. Wiscomb - In memory of John Fernstrom, ETHS Class of 1964

Carolyn Wyld Saul

Jessica (Jean) Witkin Zeller - My gift is dedicated to the memory of my late brother, Michael Witkin, Class of ’61, and to my smart parents, Doris and Marty Witkin, who had the foresight to move us from Rogers Park to Evanston so that we could have a first-class education!

Helga Zirkel Schwarten – In memory of Brook Whitted