Patricia (Fatima) Lassar

Profile Updated: June 8, 2023
Residing In Petaluma, CA USA
Spouse/Partner Two: 15 yrs each. none since 1994
Occupation retired artist
Children Noah: 11/11/74 developed reliability program at Tesla for the Model S. Now at Wacom, Alphabet's driverless More…car company.

Noria: 10/30/69 lives in Santa Cruz, CA. Published book of stories, Human Oddities.

I have never been into cars and never wanted to own a luxury car.

I believed in Tesla Motors and wanted to support them until they produced their less expensive EV. Starting in April 2012 through October 2012 I bought more stock than any financial adviser would consider wise. I put a lot of eggs in one basket.

After they started delivery of the Model S, I had no doubt my stock would go up in price enough to completely cover the cost of the car and a solar system to charge it. My "arrest me red" Model S was delivered April 29th 2013. It replaced a 2003 Honda Civic. The solar system was up and running June 4th.

Both car and stock continue to be a thrilling ride.

Google's driverless car is coming just in time. It will pick us up and drop us off anywhere we want to go when it is no longer safe for us to drive. It's real and it's almost ready.

School Story

"Whose the Bitch?"
Not all school stories are pleasant memories.

I was doing independent work in the art department supervised by Mrs Diana Regan. We got along well. She entered my work and the school won many scholastic gold keys. She gave me tickets to see Camelot for Xmas. She recommended me for a HS work scholarship at the Chicago Art Institute. I had a one man art show.

On the second to last day of senior year, Mrs Regan said she wanted a specific painting I had done. For mother's day I had given it to Chris Carvell's mother. She claimed she had the right to any of the work I'd done and this was the painting she wanted. If I didn't give it to her, she would cancel the art scholarship I had already been awarded.

I explained to June Carvell I needed to borrow it and hoped to bring it back. The next day, our last, I took the painting to the office of my hall principal. When I told him the circumstances he said she was mistaken and he would speak to her. I left the painting in his office. He must have spoken with her right away because when I saw her she was furious. As she hurled a rolled up $10 bill at me she said "Here's your money you fucking little bitch". Apparently she had sold one of my paintings hanging in the hall for $10 without asking my permission.
I picked up the money, retrieved my painting, and without reporting the incident, got out of there as fast as I could. I never wanted to go back.
June Carvell kept the painting all these years and recently Chrissy sent me the photo I posted.

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I still remember when you recognized me on the L and you were sitting behind me! I think it was early in this century.

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From your last posting I was delighted to learn you still live in CA part time and you are still driving a Tesla. Thought we had lost you to the Midwest and as a Tesla convert. You were thinking of stopping the lease on your Model S. I wondered how anyone could go back to an ICE after driving a Tesla. Ginger May and her husband met your personal trainer, now without you, on their regular hiking path. He was sorry you had moved to the Midwest. They are leasing their first Tesla and love, love, love it. Are you in the same house in Novato? Same email and phone? When things open up, I'd like to arrange another North Bay get together.

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Dec 26, 2019 at 3:35 AM

Dear Ilene,
Thank you for introducing me to the music of Bob Dylan. Do you remember playing his first album for me at your house? I fell in love! I probably read you the letter I received in Feb. 1964 from the Stanford freshman I was dating. He had just seen Dylan for the first time and described how he felt.. You may have known he took me to see Dylan at Ravinia that summer. But I never got to tell you that I found that letter and thought he should have it. We hadn't been in touch since 1965 but 2 years ago I located him in Portland and returned it to him in person.

I will never forget you.

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Fred, did I understand you to say it was the school's policy for the boys to wear nothing when swimming? Is that correct?

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Oct 09, 2017 at 7:54 PM
May 20, 2017 at 3:33 AM
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The train Mary Blackwell asked about
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this is the painting that caused my art teacher to become unhinged
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Boltwood Park with future St Louis Quarterback, Jim Hart