(How to join and use this website)


Joining the ETHS Class of '64 website

  • On the Internet, go to
  • On the Home Page, at the upper right hand corner, single click on "Join Here". This will take you to the "Classmate Profiles".
  • Scroll down the list of classmate names, finding your name on the list. Single click on your name. This will take you to another screen that reads: "If you are [your name], please click here now to create your login!"
  • Single click on the words "click here now". This will take you to a screen called "Member Wizard"...which will allow you to create your "primary email" and "password" that will be used to gain full access to the website and have member privileges. Proceed through all of the Member Wizard screens, filling in your profile information.

I encourage you to take the following action on the website after you've joined:

1.       Under “Member Functions” on the Home Page, click on the “Edit Contact Info” link and proceed to fill in your contact info.  This will help us to keep you informed of future activities...both by snail mail and by group email.

2.       Under “Member Functions” on the Home Page, click on the “Edit Profile” link and proceed to provide information about yourself that you would like to share with the class.  You can also provide photos, past and present, to help us get to know you.


The Message Forum

The Message Forum is an easy way to broadcast info that you'd like to share with your classmates.  Simply click on the Message Forum link on the left side of the Home Page, click "Post Response", and start typing.  Your classmates will read your comments and provide appropriate feedback.

The User Forums

The User Forums provides classmates with an opportunity to discuss specific topics on an ongoing basis; for example, your favorite teacher, least-favorite class, best thing about ETHS, going downstate with the basketball team, your favorite trips, etc. 


If you have any issues with the joining process or if you have any questions about the website, posting photos, etc, feel free to email the Website Administrator, Fred Brostoff, at or call Fred at 847-550-1258.  If you are unable to reach Fred, you can contact our Assistant Website Administrator, Art Hallstrom, at


Also, let us know about any other topics that should be discussed on this Help Page.