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Occupation performance poet
Children accept everyone as my child and as my parent equally
Military Service Conscientious Objector, 2 yrs Non-milit. Alt. Srvc  

in geographic transit. looking for an intentional community (like an ecovillage) in the midwest i mite resonate with enuf to live in longterm, in driving distance (<10hrs) of my brother in Naperville IL. any ideas? now through April, 2014, i'm staying in Ogden Dunes IN, < 2 hrs from Evanston.

as of August 14, 2014: residing at the Ecovillage Training Center, The Farm, Summertown TN. as my new home base long term.

School Story

i wish i had and could now thank a couple teachers, particularly Mr. Kolb in bio and Mr. Ted Kauss (sp?) in Alg/Trig. very saddened to know some of my basketball teammates, and cheerers on, have passed away. hope others will sign in here. Dose? Romey?

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I knew Stephen relatively well and mutually kindly from 2nd grade through Orrington elementary, Haven Jr High, most expecially through pre-senior-year sharing basketball practice at ETHS, though never in class as i recall, and i doubt in the same hall (mine south), and all along before-and-likely-during college (those years a wild blur to me in both his and my lives, but i know we shared them with each other by some significant means, and followed parallel mutually driven paths) we shared occasional deep & family embraced visits within his large family home(s, 2 successive) of at least 3 "boys" home, and possibly also my 2 boy family home, i'll halve to ask my brother, which is a hard thing to do at this time perhaps for all of us boys now in 4th quarter together, i dunno.  it became very hard very sadly for Steve and I this last decade or two, when he felt my personality change in our adulthood after we had both left our family homes after college by respective long distances and had kept in touch with my remotely occasional visiting him and Cindy in their sequential parts of Canada.

The last time I saw them was in 1987, a preplanned visit that fell by chance immediately upon the tragic death of my travelling companion, a fact alone that may have colored Steven's eyes and heart considerably.  (89 was an ever increasing fateful year for me, including Hurricane Hugo back on Saint Croix USVI, and loss of contact with my only sibling due to anger in Tom's whole family and his own bipolar continuing episodes to now today, since that date of trigger.)  anyway there was a lot of silence until finally in May 2020 he wrote me a typically beaautifully written and succinct page explaining, in his eyes, " … Marty was always full of cheerful, or sad, energy, but that his (your) focus was always on himself (you).  After lots of good times, but always with this one-sided character, …." 

In honor of my now late and very dear friend, neighbor, class, and teammate Stephen, I would not post this obit, nor make this long comment on  except in solidarity that this whole site represents, and that i know Steve and i felt and indulged enthusiastically together at the time.  i do this for us. 

in our senior year as i recall, he was supremely strong in soccer and in (i think mostly visual) art.  i did not participate in either, and was my self out the last and most glorious half of b-ball season with mono.

i know Steve wanted nothing to do with  i encouraged him to join, and others probly did, several times.  i fwded him pastes of this site exchanges occasionally, especially in relation to soccer.

i have numerous answers to many questions already here, and several unasked yet that he and i shared our common answers to.  but i will refrain from doing more damage to his own strong-held intentions, until i contact his wife who i know as well as he in full adulthood, and his son who i don't know but envy, and show them this damage so far, and humbly ask their blessing for any more, and beg their blessing for this much.  this could take some time.

steve is second of my only two dearest friends from all of h.s. continuing.  i will not go into the first at this time, but i have already and will again, Oh Wordless One spare life.  — grateful ole marty to thuh class of 64

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Happy New Year 2022 ! May God continue to bless y’all the entire year! May our hearts be filled with joy and we are healthy. Health is our wealth!!!! God is good. I thank you for your help and support!

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Dec 28, 2021 at 8:30 PM

Marty “Soup “ Campbell ,
Great to get a donation from you. Also , great that you are available through zoom. Fabulous to be able to give your time as well. Looking forward to seeing you again next year. God Bless you and your family .
Warm Regards,
Rommie HOF Honorary Captain

Dec 28, 2021 at 2:00 PM

Russ. No sign of retirement yet on a brilliant career (and peace-filling-guided life before career)? "and antique clock collecting."—yer sure yer not a poet? South Hall, too.

Thank you for befriending Rommie and your likely massive gifting of guidance to the EEEF.

i too have landed, 8mos/yr in NM, but 6 hrs' drive from you, in San Lorenzo NM in the Valle Rio Mimbres. all thuh way from the anonymity of thuh vast South Hall of 4X vaster ETHS1964! we both remember knowing Fred Brostoff back then; was he in South Hall too? and i visit SF NM time to time.

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Oct 24, 2021 at 8:31 PM

Chet.  Thankyou for making these amends publically in this in memory forum.  Thank you for joining our website for the very purpose you did.  I think this is most appropriate, for me and all of us.  And your amends are deeply accepted, at very least by me.  Bless you.  Bless your recovery.  Bless your sincere mourning in this instance, this poignant and unique celebration of Susan's life.  Selah

Sep 01, 2021 at 6:19 PM
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all in one?

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Apr 07, 2021 at 12:33 PM

i find Kermit's comment on Linda Pontious Relias 's In Memory in 2015 is expecially poignant here & now.  and wonder if the same kind of info may be afforded us now here for Kermit.  all love to this website.

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Apr 07, 2021 at 12:17 PM

What?  No!  Kermit died without giving me a chance to appologize with all my heart for incessantly, irresistably messing up his impecible microscopic pencil-sketched work-of-sacred-art notes in whatever class it was i have no memory in what our Sophomore year?  Kermit stands out as my most respected scholar-intent-and-executing friend in all of highschool.  a true & earliest mentor to me of how to be a gentle, serious man and human in this bedraggled species.  nuff respect.

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Mar 14, 2021 at 2:01 PM

Marty, Thank you for your masterfully written entry here in Jim Deerfield's, and prior in Bill Bunce's In Memory.  Your writing is so filled with grace that it reaches, for me, the pinnacle where—that it is written by a writer at all remains invisible.  You are in it. 

Bless your grief.  And thank you for giving this all to the rest of us. 

I note your profile is not accepting comments at this time, and so I am trying to recapitulate what i wrote and lost there, here.  And I will ask someone else to please do what I am asking for me and perhaps others.

I knew, and i guess know, Bob Reeder the best of all four of you.  I believe he may've been on more than one year's basketball team prior to our senior year varsity.  And I'm wondering if he isn't the one of all of us who still looks so much like he did way back then.  I knew Bill Bunce by name and by sight, and exchanged respect when we passed in the halls.  I knew Jim Deerfield this same way.  I am surprised that I knew you, Marty, most vaguely of all, given that we share our given first names and nicknames!  What I ask is that someone identify the positions of each of the four in the now increasingly precious picture you include in your twice-blessed entry here.  I'll start: Bob Reeder, bless your heart all so, back left.

Bless your whole long grieving of this whole woeful year.  We surviving mates remain with you in solidarity of living memory.


Mar 10, 2021 at 12:50 PM

i knew Bill as Bunce, as a fellow jock among jocks, i guess is how i see it looking back from here.  i did not know him well, i knew him as a good man and a fun being.  ¶i have registerred and plan to attend Bill Bunce's zoom Celebration of Life, in solidarity with the many classmates i knew and know better than he, who knew him better than i did.  i infact see it as a rare opportunity to be with by zoom many classmates dear to me across thuh world, including Bill himself.  ¶ if there is a limit reached on how many may register, i would like my registration to be stricken to make room for others closer to Bill.  ¶ please let me know if my reason for registration sounds too odd for a Celebration of Life.

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