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Elizabeth (Missy) Tracy

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08/19/14 02:43 PM #8    

Bonnie Robinson

Thanks again, Holly. Your memory is outstanding! Yes, Dave et al, were called the Icks and the girls they dated the ickets! I just remember Dave playing the trumpet or trombone and that he was truly a warm and wonderful guy -- someone you couldn't resist liking!

The Plant Room was our Friday night "must go to" place and I have so many wonderful memories of our dancing and hanging out. I especially remember when we were painting scenery for one of the YAMO (?) shows and Judy Campbell got paint on her leg which caused some nasty little red bumps when she tried to remove the paint by using paint thinner...Her skin was so fair and delicate.

I do seem to remember Missy getting married, but I am still sad to hear that she's no longer with us. Does anyone know what happened to her???

08/19/14 02:44 PM #9    

Bonnie Robinson

Sorry, it was the "Ickies" and Buddy Close and Dave Wahlgreen sure made high school a lot more fun for me and I'm sure many others who had the pleasure of knowing them and partying with them.

08/19/14 04:52 PM #10    

Jacqueline Clare (Louis)

I'll miss you good friend. Dance one in heaven for me. !! No more pain. 

08/21/14 08:52 PM #11    

Patricia (Fatima) Lassar

Thought I'd see if Missy got her picture in a Key before she left ETHS.  I couldn't remember her face until I found this picture. I'm pretty sure that's Missy in this West Hall Council photo from 1961. E.Tracy is in middle. 

 "Out of control" were the words that flashed on my mental screen with no supporting memories. I barely knew her.

08/21/14 10:25 PM #12    

Bonnie Robinson

Thanks, Pat, for posting this. Nancy Gilbert is on the left and Susie Barrett is on the right. All great girls and such memories.


08/22/14 12:22 AM #13    

Holly Romans (Green)

Hi Pat,

     I want to thank you for retrieving pictures from our yearbooks.  It was wonderful to see Missy's face again and to see Nancy Gilbert and Suzie Barrett, too.  You have been terrific with all your contributions.  Reviving lost memories has been a kick.  See you soon.   Just wish that some of our departed classmates could see so many loving comments.  XO Holly



08/22/14 01:42 PM #14    

Bonnie Robinson

I, too, want to thank you Fatima (Pat) for making such wonderful contributions to this site and for taking the time to do it.

08/22/14 08:29 PM #15    

Nancy Gilbert (Murphy)

Oh my. I remember Missy as a zany free spirit, outspoken and so very funny. Thanks, Pat, for posting that picture, and to Bonnie for tagging me and Suzy B. 

01/21/16 04:16 PM #16    

Marty (Martin C. ) Campbell

my memory's funny.  what first come to my mind are only Beth Missy Tracy's infrequent appearances at the church Merry Anderson's and my and Eli Garcia's families attended more regularly.  seemed it was with a long lanky elder lady seeming older than my parents, could it have been her grandmother?  and the house i remember was definitely on Sherman, perhaps still there (2140 Sherman? i think it was taller and more gothic in my memory, and all wood siding, a dark ghosty brown.), on or near the corner with Garfield Place (which does not quite connect with either Ridge or Sheridan).  a vague vague memory may be that they took her house down to make the park there on Sherman on the other side of Garfield.  we may have dropped her off a time or two, don't recall the occasion. 

    i was thinking i had no memory of her in h.s. nor in any school before h.s., but when i look at the "Orrington School - 1" class pictures right herein in our "Class of '64 Photo Galleries" <— right there on the left menu slate, she is in grades 2, i think 3, 4, & 5 definitely, among the tall ladies, often near me and Steve Simmonds, not quite as tall as Cindy Smith or Janet Bos.  i don't see her in any other grade class photos even among "Orrington School - 2" class pictures.  [thanks Steve Simmonds and J P Rosenau!]  and i remember her very well when i see those pictures, so i was definitely in her classes then.  so that's probly why i knew her when she showed up at church.  the church was First Baptist Church, now called Lake Street Church, still kitty-corner from Presbeterian.  across the one-block park from whatever the name of the church was that Stephen Cohlmeyer's family attended.

     i remember her as a very sweet shy lady, perhaps because, like me, of tallness.  and perhaps a bit risqué.  i could definitely see Southern in her elder relative.  Honey rings a bell, maybe even my brother dated her, but i truly have no memory of knowing of any siblings to Tracy.  half to ask my brother his memory on this.  yeah, i bet that's why we went by their house!  hmm.

     i appreciate all other entries herein.  hard to watch our selves go.  best done in this good company.  grace.  i think Missy was and continues, grace.

     (i wish there was a way to get this site-link to her daughter and other survivors in her family.  is there a way it could be made to show up on a web-search for Beth or Missy Tracy?)

01/22/16 02:38 PM #17    

Stephen Smith

I was in Miss Grotelushen's(sp?) home room and math class at Haven Jr. with Beth Tracy. She seemed unapproachable to the shy guy I used to be. So in order to strike up a conversation with her( I saw her paper on the teachers desk and saw it had a D on it) , so on the way out of school one day , I told her I was sorry she got that low grade. She acted very surprised and ran back to the classroom. OOPS. Later when we got our report cards, I got my first C in "Citizenship". When I went to talk to the teacher, she mentioned the incident about telling  Beth's grade, before the teacher had a chance to talk to her. I think that set me back socially a bit(a lot?). Ach, du lieber, too soon oldt, too late schmart!

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