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Information provided by Sue Spiegel (Pastin).

Carol Simon Kohn died Monday, Oct. 17, 2022 after an illness.  She had been happily living at the Eastern Star Home of Illinois in Macon IL, near Decatur.  She and her late husband Charles Kohn were very active in Eastern Star and used to attend the group's conventions downstate.  They also were active in volunteering to work on the July 4th celebrations in Skokie, where they lived. Carol moved into the Eastern Star Home shortly after her husband died in 2020, and had been elected president of the patient council there.

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10/22/22 05:27 PM #2    

Melvin "Rommie" Taylor

The class of 1964 lost very caring classmate with the passing of Carol Simon Kohn. I remember her from Skiles Jr. high. I always greeted her with a caring attitude. She had her challenges, as we all do; but she was always very polite and friendly. I hope she has peace and is in a better place. May God bless her and keep her in his kingdom. Each of us should strive to live and enjoy each day. Also, be thankful for all that we have and all that we have accomplished. 

Best Regards,
Rommie HOF Honorary Captain 



10/23/22 11:53 AM #3    

Sherrie Igoe (Dembrowski)

Well spoken Rommie, I totally agree!

10/24/22 12:39 PM #4    

Lesley Mentgen (Delmenico)

Indeed!  Thanks for those thoughts, Rommie!  I also remember Carol from Skiles. She seemed invariably cheerful and always a hard worker, both in school and then in her work in retail.

10/24/22 07:02 PM #5    

Stephen Smith

Yes, Rommie, love your comments on Carol. Saw her at the 50th, I think we were in South Hall together, she was and will always be a blessing!

10/25/22 12:46 PM #6    

Catherine Turner (Chard)

Steve, I remember chatting with her at the 50th reunion also. There was no "We've all gotten so old!" rhetoric from her. She was so up beat. She was always genuine.

10/25/22 04:19 PM #7    

Karen Sitron (Haight)

Rommie I also remember Carol Simon from Skiles. I was a 7-4  and then an 8-8. Dr. Grote was our Principal. Lorraine Waddell was my 7th grade homeroom teacher, and when I accepted a teaching job in 1969-1970 at Chute , Miss Waddell and I were colleagues ! I had Home Ec with Carol. We all were very friendly. And we all got along well.   Karen Sitron Haight


10/26/22 01:38 PM #8    

Roger Dorio

I didn't know Carol well in high school but I vividly remember her at our 25th reunion showing me a picture of her sister( Kathleen Lloyd) an accomplished actress who was part of the Magnum PI cast. She was so proud . I was happy to see she had a nice life after ETHS. 

10/27/22 05:27 PM #9    

Karl Morthole

I am very saddened to hear of Carol's passing.  Like many others have noted above, Carol was our classmate at Skiles, as well as ETHS, in South Hall.  She always had a bright smile on her face.  At several of our past reunions we had dinner together with her husband Chuck.  Chuck and Carol lived in Skokie together before his passing and were both very active in the Masonic/Eastern Star groups.  In his younger years, my dad was a Mason, so I knew something about their social activities.  Carol loved her Eastern Star membership and activities.  As mentioned, Carol lived in her final years in the Eastern Star home in Macon, Illinois, which is downstate somewhat southeast of Springfield.  Carol had to have dialysis a couple times a weak, but never seemed to let it get her down.  For the last year-and-a-half, Carol and I spoke on the telephone every few weeks.  She had an amazing memory for details and loved to share what was happening in her life and in her world.  She loved to talk and participate in conversation.  She talked often about her husband, Chuck, and looked forward very much to being together with him again.  I will certainly not forget her . . . she was a good person and had a long, long life.  BE WELL, Carol.

10/28/22 11:10 PM #10    

Karen Sitron (Haight)

Karl Morthole what fond memories of our classmate Carol. I did not know she was on dialysis.

10/29/22 08:40 AM #11    

Karl Morthole

Karen -- Nice to see your name/picture/post.  Yes, I did not know either until she mentioned it during one of our phone calls.  She dealt with several health issues, but always with her positive way.  I hope you are well, and God willing, we will see each other at our next class reunion.  -- Karl

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