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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Lake Forest, IL USA
Spouse/Partner Jerry
Occupation Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Education, Lake Forest College; Education Consultant; Retired School Principal
Children Greg, born 1987; Aliscia, our daughter-in-law

My husband and I married in 1968. Beginning that same year, I worked as a teacher and then elementary school principal until I retired in 2010. Since retiring, I have served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. I also work part-time as a consultant to public school districts in the areas of teacher evaluation and instructional coaching as well as an adjunct college professor. Now, I am fully retired!

Our greatest accomplishment was raising a wonderful son, born after I turned 40. He has kept us feeling young.

School Story

I moved from Chicago right before my freshman year, so I began at ETHS not knowing anyone. My first day as a freshman was frightening and lonely. The school was so big and I tried to find my way around without looking at the floor plan I had been given. After all, I did not want to look like a freshman!

All morning, I fretted about sitting alone at lunch and planned to hide in a bathroom stall rather than sit in isolation. Then, something special happened...Sherrie Igoe came up to me after our first class session in Combined Studies with Mr. Carlson. "You are new here, right? Why don't you join me at lunch and I will introduce you to some friends. But, I don't want you to steal any boyfriends!" What an act of kindness! Sherrie tells me that she doesn't remember this, but I do and still find her to be the same outgoing and generous person she was in the fall of 1960, not to mention funny!

To this day, Sherrie and I are still friends and I have shared this true story with my students over the years as a way to promote kindness. Go out of your way to be friendly, especially to those who are alone. You never know--you might make a life-long friend.

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Aug 27, 2021 at 9:36 PM

Oh, no! When you know the classmate who died and had an ongoing relationship, albeit only on Facebook, the shock and surprise that she is gone is a clear reminder of our own mortality. I have many memories of Bonnie at ETHS--Friday nights at Plant Room, Brillianteen, and more. She was bold, living a life more daring than many. She loved and was loved and in the end, that's what we all want. I hope her little Teddy will find a loving home. RIP, Bonnie.



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You are a member of the lucky genes club with your dad living to 100! Thank you for your ongoing efforts to keep us connected, Fred.

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Judith Sheahan Lindgren
Hi Steve! While I don't remember making that comment, I do remember the sad teacher. His name was Mr. Glucker and we were told it was his first year after working in another field. He used to stand with his back to the class and mumble at the chalk board when giving directions. I also remember we all failed or nearly failed a test, a clear indication of poor instruction. After Mr. Glucker was fired, the asst. principal lectured our class, telling us how disrespectful we had been. Instead the administration should have apologized to us for enduring such poor teaching. Most of the ETHS teachers were great so you have to give credit to the school for making a midterm decision to remove him from the classroom.

I don't know why I remember so many details of that class yet have forgotten so much else. I loved ETHS even though I didn't work very hard. My big regret is not having applied myself in high school. Life has been good to me though and I hope for you as well.

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Hi Scott,
It was great talking to you at the reunion. It sounds like you have had a wonderful life...sounds like a movie title! Hope you bring your wife to the next reunion so I can learn whether or not she pursued being a court appointed advocate. Take care.

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