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The following information was furnished by our classmate, Pat (Richey) Wanzenberg.

I learned yesterday that Marylin Grimes passed away January18th after a long battle with breast cancer.

Marylin left ETHS after her sophomore year and attended Ferry Hall in Lake Forest. She has lived in Taos New Mexico for over 40 years.

She was a dear friend and my maid of honor at my wedding. She will be missed.


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01/21/23 02:24 PM #1    

Ruth Gross

Marilyn was one of my best friends in elementary school.  She began at Lincoln and then moved to the Miller district, but we remained close until Jr. High School. When I visit Evanston, I often go by the house in which she lived on Hinman, right near the Congregationalist Church. My regret is that I wasn't in contact with her in adult years. Missed opportunities don't return, especially not at this point in our lives.

01/21/23 03:49 PM #2    

Jacqueline Clare (Louis)

 This post saddens me greatly  Marilyn and I were close friends in high school but lost contact after our coming out summer  I tried to reconnect around the 50!year reunion but never got out to Arizona  I'm glad you two stayed in contact, Pat and are able to share this sad news.  blessing and rest in peace, Marilyn  



01/21/23 03:53 PM #3    

Jacqueline Clare (Louis)

Oops I should have said never got out to New Mexico 

01/22/23 02:46 PM #4    

Nancy Schroeder

I am so sorry to hear of Marilyn's passing. I knew her at Lincoln,ETHS and saw her up at Taos and Santa Fe. I moved to Florida 13 years ago and didn't make it back to New Mexico. It's sad losing some of our old friends. Thanks for the info Pat.

01/22/23 09:29 PM #5    

Bruce Boyer

How far back did Marilyn and I go? Well, her father and my mother went to high school together in Des Moines, Iowa a century ago!

We shared so many things in common. She came from a family of all girls, and I from one of all boys, and we used to joke that she was the sister I never had and I the brother she never had. And her birthday was one day after mine -- I used to joke that she should stop hanging around with older men.

I knew her from even before we started school, as Howard (her Dad) and my mother had stayed in touch. As Riuth pointed out, she started at Lincoln School and then moved to Miller.In later years, we stayed in touch through our parents' church. In the summer 0f 1965, I was one of her escorts when she was a debutante.

Marilyn had always struggled in school and it wasn't until years later that she discovered that she was severel;y dyslexic. How bad? Well, I can remember driving with her when I used to visit her in Taos and she would say to turn left when she meant to go right, and vice versa. The upshot was that school was always a struggle for her, and she never went much past high school.

 For a number of years in the late '90's and early 00's, we became much closer and I would go to Taos every year for a week in the spring. Taos was the right place for her -- talk about alternative life styles! Having spent summers working in the high desert of southern Utah, I felt at home in Taos the moment I first went there. She lived in a traditional mud house that was completely elegant in a Western way, with kiva fireplaces and Native American rugs. We would go up into the mountains and sometimes journey down to Santa Fe. We went to the pueblos often and I especially fell in love with all the craft shops. Indeed, Taos was where I started my collection of Native American and Mexican pottery. Mostly we would hang out and talk. I did a lot of the cooking when we weren't going to lovely restaurants out in the middle of nowhere. It is a imeless, dreamy place which suited her to a T.

After I got remarried, we sadly felt out of touch but I shall always tresures the hours Marilyn and I spent together in the shadow of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.




01/22/23 11:21 PM #6    

Sherrie Igoe (Dembrowski)

What a lovely tribute Bruce, I can feel your pain....I was very sorry to hear of Marilyn's passing, I enjoyed immensely being her friend for the short time she was at ETHS, but lost track after that. May that beautiful girl rest in peace!

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