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Waldo Schnell

Waldo Schnell


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11/11/13 12:58 PM #11    

Lory Rosenberg

Wally was my boyfriend for awhile -- I think it was at the end of junior high and the beginning high school. His family had a white Cadillac with those sharp fins coming off the back - can't recall the exact year. I remember being with my girlfriends Ginger May and Diana Saporito, and going over a couple blocks to the street Wally lived on to hang out with Wally, Bill Bunce, and their friends David Lee and Roger Dorio.  Those were nice summer evenings!

11/12/13 06:48 PM #12    

Holly Romans (Green)


.  I don't think anyone can get those veins to stick out the way Wally's did and if we did, it might kill us!  Holly

12/24/13 07:50 PM #13    

George Reskin

In the restrained world of high school, where no one wanted to appear uncool, Wally was not daunted.  He  let his enthusiasm out for all to see and hear.  Here's to you, Wally.  Gimme an E...

01/17/14 10:26 PM #14    

Marty (Martin C. ) Campbell

Ah but let us not forget the greatest cheer of them all, all time.  "Whoa-oh-woh-oh, Yeeh!"  Fingers pointing at the poor guy on the other team who made the foul.  I would believe you if you told me Wally invented that one.

And then the brilliant variation on the theme, "Yeeh—Yeeh—Yeeh—Yeeh—Yeeh—...."  Fingers pointing with each beat.

These traditions will live on, while Wally rests in very deserved and earned peace.

I will tell you this man's mass-garnered cheers are wildly inspiring, and centering, to play to.

He was the Mr. Bunn of the student body.  Mr. School Spirit himself.  

I saw from him how i could be when i became a teacher.  Gave me an immense gift just in his modeling life.

02/17/14 05:01 AM #15    

Sherwin "Jay" Siegall

Re-reading all the Wally comments reminded me of another favorite cheer we did between "Gimme an E"






02/17/14 10:29 AM #16    

Suzi Schor (Revill)

Jay (Bro)  How could I forget?  We thought we were all so COOL to have done that one!-

03/02/14 02:19 PM #17    

Merry (Elizabeth) Bennett (Plocar)

Sitting here stunned and shocked about Wally and all the others IN MEMORY.  Anyone know what happened? All your comments are so right-on.  And, Lory, I remember that car, too!  Wally fixed me up with someone (can't remember who) and Wally drove.  Oh, Lord, I feel old....


07/12/14 11:13 PM #18    

Karl Morthole

Wally was a good friend.  

I remember the fall of 1960, when Wally and I and several other friends went out for frosh/soph soccer.  We played over in the northwest corner of the athletics field, and sometimes we would kick balls over the fence and have to chase them if no one outside happened by and threw them back.  Wally played wing, and I remember during one game the coach -- was it Coach Krohn? -- shouting, "Where is my left-footed, left wing!?!  Get over here, Schnell!"  He was a great teammate.  Later he went out for football, if I recall correctly, in junior and senior years, playing line.  He had great enthusiasm in sports, not only in leading the informal "Boys Cheer Section," but also in participating.  I remember in the spring, during "field day," he always loved to play "push ball" -- one of the greatest sports games ever.

For me, Wally's greatest presence with leading cheering was during the unforgettable basketball season senior year.  After somewhat of a slow start, Coach Burmaster had our varsity team really playing.  I recall all the cheers people have mentioned, and still another.  We picked it up late in the season, I think at an away game at Proviso East. The team was in its stretch run in the suburban league and it needed to win, and it did win just about all our games, including the one at Proviso East.  

By that time -- it must have been January or early February -- probably around 50 to 60 or more boys, sometimes with girlfriends, were driving to every away basketball game, most at night.  The Proviso East spectators were doing a cheer that night that we had not heard before and really liked.  It went in kind of a syncopated beat:    

"I say, ... Oooh! Aaaaaah! . . . I say, ... Oooh! Aaaaaah! . . . I say, ... Oooh! Aaaaaah! . . . I say, ... Oooh! Aaaaaah! . . . . . [on and on until there came a convenient concluding point]"  

Does anyone else remember this?  We tried it and it became a regular for the rest of the season and seemed to pump up the team, even into McGaw Hall for the amazing, unforgettable Crane Tech game. Wally would start it and signal the end . . . I seem to remember it blew New Trier away when we used it in Beardsley Gym.

Wally will always be an unforgettable person.

07/13/14 06:42 PM #19    

Ruth Roberts

I definitely remember the "Say  Oooh!  Aaaah!" cheer.  That one was really fun to do. 

One of the craziest things I remember Wally doing was at a party when he dropped to the floor on his belly, moving his arms and legs, and yelling "Crawl on your belly like a REPTILE." 


07/13/14 08:10 PM #20    

Vernon Neece

Another cheer I remember was Go!  Go Go! Go Evanston Wildkits.  It was sort of sung to the tune of a popular song at the time and kind of syncopated and repeated for several lines.

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