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Michael Melton

Michael Melton

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12/08/13 10:09 AM #2    

Elaine Borland (Purnell)

I remember Mike from our days together at Oakton School. He was my first boyfriend. In fifth grade he took me to see a Pat Boone movie at the Valencia Theater. I also remember his family was the first to get a color  TV. After Oakton we were never in the same classes and lost touch.  I was very sorry to learn of his passing. 

12/08/13 07:19 PM #3    

Vernon Neece

I was sadden to learn of Mike's passing.  I too first met Mike at Oakton Elementary School.  Mike, Elaine Borland & I carpooled to All-City Orchestra practices.  1 Memory I have of Mike is he used to shoot skeet/trap with his dad even as an elementary school aged boy.  Mike would come to school with his shoulder bruised from the kick of the shotgun.

12/09/13 07:38 PM #4    

Joan Hirshman

I was in that class at Oakton with Michael, too.  He always seemed so confident.  I remember him coming back from a weekend skeet shoot smelling like liniment.  What a very nice guy he was.

01/19/14 02:15 PM #5    

Marty (Martin C. ) Campbell

is it possible Mike went to Orrington (elementary) School a year or two?

01/19/14 03:39 PM #6    

Sherwin "Jay" Siegall

Mike lived on 300 block of Florence and went to Oakton or Dawes School.

possible they moved but don't think so.

05/17/14 06:53 AM #7    

Stephen Smith

I played one year of Frosh football, and Mike was on the  A team, I was on the B team. We would occasionally scrimage with the A team and Mike played center. The following is a very memorable account of our literal "contact":


Stephen Smith

Yes, I had memories of John and Ryan Strong and this is more about Ryan, but I'm putting it here since I couldn't figure how to put it on Ryan's Page

Please if someone out there see's this, Get Ryan(or someone) to enter some stuff here. 

In eighth grade(Haven), Ryan stood right next to me in gym class, he was 6 foot 200 lbs in eighth grade!! He used to lift me off the ground with his arms straight out. 

At ETHS, unlike Marty Campbell I went out for Frosh football. I was only on the B team, along with Pete Skoglund and Web Edman. I'll never forget one play where I was positioned at left linebacker and a 7 diamond play was called(I think someone had some inside info--but they picked the wrong guy). That play called for me to take my position right over the center. As Mike Melton hiked the ball he pushed me back about 10 yards, but I was able to stay on my feet, then here comes Ryan with the ball, I grabbed him aroung the neck(I wasn't about to grab those fast moving cleats) . My 125lbs vs his 200+.  He carried me down the field for a ways then shook me off. I must have slowed him down a little, where was everybody else? Later Ryan said , "Was that you, I thought it was a fly." Thanks , buddy.

Also, I saw this guy at the 10th reunion named James Cheeks, the name seemed familiar, but I didn't remember untill it was too late. James was on the opposite side of the line from me and we kept knocking each other down in play after play , that's when I decided that football was not for me. I went with swimming in the winter season and stayed with that for 4 years.

Sorry about putting this all on John's profile, when I figure how to put it in the correct place I will.

MEMORIES!!!! ...loliJ....steve smith


I also remember that Mike had gone to Africa one summer and had contracted dysentery(something that I also came down with in my travels in Africa "72).

Does anyone know any more details on Mikes trip to Africa?

05/18/14 07:11 AM #8    

Sherwin "Jay" Siegall


i am happy you ONLY played ONE year of frosh football!!


05/18/14 07:15 AM #9    

Sherwin "Jay" Siegall


loved the Ryan Strong story. So many diverse  neat and good

people to remember from ETHS. 

05/19/14 06:30 PM #10    

George Reskin

Mike lived one block from me, he on Florence, me on Ashland.  We played together some as kids.  I remember him as a solid and trustworthy guy.  I was sorry to hear of his early passing.

09/08/14 09:28 AM #11    

Penelope Thoms (Johnson)

Michael Melton gave me my first kiss (6th grade?).  I think that it was a party at Ilene Katz's house.  Maybe not.  I remember all the girls gathering around me and dragging me into the bathroom to find out what it was like.  He was always precocious!


Penny Thoms

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