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Martha Hummons (Wilson)

Martha Hummons (Wilson)

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11/09/13 07:51 AM #3    

Linda Pontious (Relias)

I am also sorry to learn Marty has passed. she was always friendly with a lovely smile. 

11/09/13 08:05 PM #4    

Holly Romans (Green)

I knew Martha as Marti (Marty?) when we were in Mrs. Hughes 7th and 8th homeroom at Haven school.  She was always sweet and such a lady.  I had the pleasure of reconnecting with her briefly at one of the reunions.  She was still that lovely person I remembered and I am happy that we reconnected that one time and sad not to connect again.

11/10/13 09:42 AM #5    

Kathy Dalgety (Miehls)

I sat behind Marty in either 7th or 8th grade in Mrs. Hughes's homeroom at Haven. We weren't disruptive...much...but we did giggle  a lot. We reconnected at our 25th reunion when the late, great Yao Phillips filmed a documentary about the our class 25 years out of high school. Marty talked eloquently about the racism she endured throughout her life. How terribly sad. She was a lovely, warm, and caring person.

08/31/14 04:25 PM #6    

Janille Boitel (McCall)

My personal yearbooks are the ones posted on  My dear friend Marti always wrote me such sweet messages...sometimes using up an entire page!  I'm sad not to have a chance to see her again...

09/01/14 04:59 PM #7    

Gale Glassner (Twersky)

Martha was a special person who had great warmth and charm. I am saddened by her loss and will miss her. There were so many things that I have entered into my conscious awareness that were not obvious back in our Haven Jr High days. I, too, was in Mrs Hughes' class, yet I never picked up on racial discrimination that was obviously so prevalent then and remains an issue today, 50 years later. That saddens me greatly, for Martha and all others who suffered abuses from prejudices and discriminations. 

09/01/14 06:45 PM #8    

Alison Van Swearingen (Brown)

I knew Marti Hummons from Haven going forward through ETHS.  She was the kind of person who was so warm, kind and a good listener.  I spoke to her at the 25th reunion and will always remember her kindness and wonderful smile.  Like some of the others who have commented on racial issues, I was just a clueless to the struggles our classmates endured.

09/05/14 09:47 PM #9    

Susan Burns (Bangs)

I remember Marty from Noyes . . . she once told me something very personal and said not to tell . . . I didn't but she thought I had, so I thought she must have told someone else.  I never wanted anyone to tell me anything personal again.   But with this in mind, I was watching a biography and thought of Martha, and wonder if anyone she was very close to might know.  I know this is vauge.  I truly liked Martha and had met her parents and she had also been to my house.   Does anyone from Noyes remember the Candy Stripers?

09/06/14 04:48 AM #10    

Sherwin "Jay" Siegall

Weren't the candy stripers hospital volunteers helping out at local hospitals and cheering up

patients? If so wasn't just Noyes.  They wore red and white Candy Striped dresses. 

09/06/14 11:30 AM #11    

Linda Hayward (Niedermeier)

I started candy striping in grade school at Oak rtf on then Nichols at Evanston Hospital. There were several of us who continued all the way through high school. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 




09/07/14 06:40 AM #12    

Carolyn Wyld (Saul)

I volunteered at the Presbyterian Home for a short while during high school and was disappointed that although we were called candy stripers, we were not given uniforms to wear.  Fast forward 40 years and my mom moved into the Presbyterian Home.  While she was there, I never could figure out exactly where it was I had worked.


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