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Linda Pontious (Relias)

Linda Pontious (Relias)

Linda's obituary was observed in the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 with the following information:

* Visitation on Friday, Feb 20 from 5 PM to 8 PM at Donnellan Family Funeral Services, 10045 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL.

* Funeral service on Saturday, Feb 21 at 11 AM at The Church of the Holy Comforter, 222 Kenilworth Ave, Kennilworth, IL.

* Interment at Memorial Park Cemetary.

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02/20/15 12:30 PM #7    

Bonnie Robinson

I, too, am very shocked to hear of Linda's passing. Like, Holly, I got to know LInda when were cheerleaders in high school. What I remember most, was that behind her natural quietness, she was a very kind and loving person. Additionally, she was very bright and always made top grades.

I've enjoyed reading about all of her travel adventures and what appeared to be a very wonderful and loving family. Linda's acceptance of her condition, is as I wouild expect -- prepared to take on the challenge and battle and quietly win. Sadly, her inner strength could not defeat her fateful foe.

Linda is one of the few people I'm certain of is definitely in "Heaven" and I know she will be loved forever by her family and friends.

RIP, Linda. I am happy to have known you.


02/20/15 01:05 PM #8    

Kermit Westerberg

I am shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Linda's death. Thanks to all of you classmates who have already responded to the posting and contributed more details about her passing, especially through Facebooks connects and links to her obituary through and the Chicago Tribune. Details about the wake (2/20/15) and funeral (2/21/15) as well as the place of burial can also be had through I sat across from Linda and her husband at a banquet table the Saturday eve of our 50th Reunion, and when she and I discovered each other's presence we have a chance to talk about our lives since at least the 25th Reunion. As we talked I learned about the historic name of Pontius, the roots in the American Revolutionary War, and also her recent battle with cancer. She proclaimed herself a survivor, and that I was very glad to know, as I have had my own recent battle on that medical front. It therefore comes as a shock to me now to hear of her passing so swiftly after the class reunion. Linda and I sat in Madame Steiner's French classes and thoroughly enjoyed the hours spent with the language and cultural stimuli. On the inside flyleaf of my copy of the '64 Key Linda wrote some parting, congratulatory words to me altogether in French -- a personal inscription that I have held dear these many years, and one that I have now had reason to revisit and re-read but with much sadness. I am very sorry that I cannot be on hand to honor her this weekend as her family celebrates her life and bids her farewell. Linda was a gracious, talented and wonderful person. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her and loved her. My sincere condolences to her family. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

Kermit Westerberg

02/20/15 01:17 PM #9    

Debra Ancheta (Canedy)

I was truly saddened to hear about Linda's passing.  We went to Noyes elementary school together and I remember her as a poised and graceful young girl.  Though we lost touch of each other's journies it sounds like Linda had a wonderful husband, children and grandchildren to enrich her life.  I am more sensitive to her story as my husband of 48 years was just diagnosed with lung cancer.  We will keep Linda and her family in our thoughts and prayers as we will all our ETHS colleagues who may be experiencing health issues or concerns.  



02/20/15 01:30 PM #10    

Jeanie (Jessica) Witkin (Zeller)

Very sad...We are all so mortal. Even such a beautiful being as Linda will pass. It feels good to share our feelings with each other...We have truly developed a community here...Linda will be remembered with appreciation of her grace.

02/20/15 03:35 PM #11    

Alison Van Swearingen (Brown)

I knew Linda throughout our days at ETHS and kept connected off and on over time.  Husband John Relias, who was known as "Reli" at NT was a classmate of my husband, Jim.  We had dinner with John and Linda several times through the years, always sitting together at reunions for ETHS and NT.  Linda was always a gracious person, a good conversationalist and easy to be around.  We were facebook friends and like a few others who have posted comments, I enjoyed reading about her trips, seeing the pictures.  We were saddened to learn of her passing but knew that she was battling cancer.  Linda had a loving family and was so proud of her grandchildren.  We celebrate her life and smile at the memories.

02/20/15 03:58 PM #12    

Nancy Schroeder

You were such a wonderful person in high school . I enjoyed you on the Girls Club Board and the choir. I am glad you had a great life with your family and were able to share your time with your grand children. May you have a peaceful time in heaven.God bless and my prayers go out to those you left behind .

02/20/15 06:35 PM #13    

Karen Holby (Fornell)

I'm both shocked and saddened to hear of dear Linda's passing. I' m so glad we got to chat at the reunion. In addition to high school, I would connect with her as her husband was an attorney for my employers. Sleep sweet dear girl., may the angels carry you to paradise. Karen

02/21/15 07:33 AM #14    

Susan Holsten (Blumer)

So sad to hear this news....prayers of comfort to her family and know we have lost a great friend. Our class has lost too many wonderful friends.

02/21/15 06:18 PM #15    

Joan Heap (Burtnette)

I too was surprised to hear of Linda's passing.  We reconnected a few years ago as her husband, John, is a friend of my brother's.  My heart goes out to her family.

03/22/15 01:22 PM #16    

Judith Campbell

I am as shocked as everyone else about Linda's passing.  I was also on the cheerleading squad with Linda.  She was always so cheerful and energetic.  It is good to remember that she had such a full life.  RIP Linda

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