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Ralph Hovnanian

Ralph Hovnanian

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04/02/14 09:11 AM #4    

Patricia Richey (Wanzenberg)

Thank you Karl For allowing me to know Ralph.  It sounds like he was an exceptional person in many ways.

04/02/14 11:09 AM #5    

Holly Romans (Green)

Thanks, Karl, for your lovely tribute to Ralph.  He was such a sweet, kind, and humble guy.  I always knew he was exceptional, but now, thanks to you, I realize just how brilliant he was.  I used to get phone calls from him periodically and even received a copy of a thesis on  which he was working.  I had a few tender dances with him at some of the reunions.  I am exceptionally touched to hear how he supported your mom in his gentle way.  Thanks, also, for the update on his family.  They were a very loving group.  When I think of Ralph, I think of those lyrics in Don McLean's Starry Starry Night - "This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.". He was very special.  Thanks for filling in the details.

04/02/14 12:02 PM #6    

Lory Rosenberg

Thanks so much, Karl, for this beautifuls and information filled memory of Ralph! I didn't know him that well in high school, but now feel I know him and am so impressed with his ethics and his contributions.

04/03/14 09:52 AM #7    

Jack Hayes

Thanks, Karl, for sharing your tribute to Hoot.  As you mentioned, he and I were good friends at ETHS.  However, since my family moved the week after graduation, I lost track of most of my classmates, Ralph included, so I never knew most of what Hoot did after high school. I was both saddened and heartened to read your remembrances of Ralph.

04/03/14 12:31 PM #8    

Jeffrey R Liebman

Karl :  Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments.  The deaths of Ralph and Wally Schnell this past year have saddened me considerably.  We were all part of an unlikely and somewhat odd group  that managed to spend our entire high school experience together.  We were united by youthful immaturity and the uncompromisg pursuit  of those activities that make immaturity so wonderful. When is the last time YOU split a six pack of Colt 45 malt liquor five ways?

We played 16 inch soft ball; we went to the Plant Room on Friday niights; and we got together after we dropped off our dates.  Those were the days when high school girls had curfews.  Actually, looking back, it's amazing any of us had dates considering how stupid we were.  The fact that none of us married our high school sweethearts comes as no surprise.

Most of us drifted apart after high school.  There was no email or Facebook and time, distance and responsbilites took their toll.  I retuned to Evanston nine years after graduation but I rarely saw either Hoot or Wally.  I regret not making more of an effort.  May you both RIP.

04/06/14 10:47 PM #9    

Lee Saberson

"Hoot" was indeed a brilliant student and a genuinly good guy..   Although I moved away from Chicago, over the years Jim Deerfield and Waldo Schnell helped keep me in touch with Ralph.    He would randomly check in on the phone . . .and I would feel a bit sad at his occasional "fog".      Karl, thanks for the detail of his acadmeic, work and writing career. . . and of his support for you and your Mom.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I am looking at his book.  I had no idea it had such a significant effect in the Medical research community.  It was way over my head.  Those of you who may not have a copy will not be surprised that on the front cover it signed " by   Aoooh   Ralph R. Hovnanian . . ."     He was one of the kindest people I have ever known.   Well done, Ralph! .

 . . . .and if you can hear me, Ralph: Aooooooh back at you !  RIP

 Lee Saberson

08/19/14 03:28 PM #10    

Gale Glassner (Twersky)

I was fortunate to spend time with Ralph at our last reunion. He was unique and outgoing in a most entertaining way. It was apparent to me that Ralph was one of those creative, brilliant minds who was extremely humble. Ralph seemed to know how to have a good time and I will miss returning to  our great conversations. Bless you and your kindnesses, your contributions to humanity and your good humor. May you be enjoying the "other side" with loads of deserved rewards.

08/19/14 06:45 PM #11    

Sherwin "Jay" Siegall

I only knew of Ralph thru others conversations.Never really knew him but did know so many of his friends.  Thank you Karl for all the insight into his life and to Lee Saberson and others for their kind memories. We just were a very unique and wonderful group of people in the ETHS Class of 64. This website has offerred us all new insights to people we knew casually or thought we knew well. I am proud to be from this class with all of you!

08/20/14 09:48 AM #12    

Marty (Martin C. ) Campbell

amen shilah Sherwin Jay.

08/20/14 04:05 PM #13    

Robert Lindner

Ralph was definitely a character. I was also in the chem and phys AP group with him. I met him more recently a couple of times at his cousin Mike Hovnanian's's house. Mike is a bassist with the Chicago Symphony and my wife, who is a violinist is friends with Mike's wife Lori, who is also a violinist. Ralph wanted my input on some project of his, but I don't recall what it was. I guess I will never know.

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