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Chere Allen (Morrison)

Chere Allen (Morrison)

Posted by Sonia Ness:

My good friend, Chere Allen Morrison, passed away on November 1, 2016.  Chere is survived by husband Lester Morrison; daughter Marissa Morrison Alba (& family); sister Suzan Sieracki (& son); brother Leonard Allen (& family)

Chere was a retired school teacher and avid bridge player who was devoted to her family and friends. She had struggled for years with various health issues, but the cancer in her system wasn't diagnosed until it was too advanced to treat effectively. She and Les divided their time between their Illinois home in Poplar Grove and a rental home in Pittsburgh, near their daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren -- which is where they have been for the past several months. She will be interred in Pittsburgh. Anyone who knew Chere and would like to reach out to her family is welcome to contact me for an address. Thanks -- Sonia Ness

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11/04/16 10:14 AM #1    

Barbara Kirchhoff (Russell)

I was very saddened when I heard the news that Chere had passed.  It sucks to loose a  long time friend.  She will be missed.

01/07/17 11:23 PM #2    

Susan Holsten (Blumer)

So sad! What a sweet person she was. I had several classes with her in high school.She was always friendly and always had a smile on her face.

01/08/17 12:39 PM #3    

Cynthia Olsen (Lapworth)

Barb Kirchhoff, Sonia Ness, Pat Cameron, ,Debbie Ancheta, Joan Heap and many others of us were in Barton Tri-Hi Y club thru theYMCA on Lake St. Chere was dating Art Doehl, a friend of my husband's and the Yclub was having a spring dance. Art had to work that night and asked Bill to takeChere to the party. That's where we met and started dating. We've been married 51 years thanks to Chere. Bill and I send our deepest sympathy to her family and are so sorry we lost touch thru the years. I had no idea she was so ill. In our minds we're still those wild crazy girls with all the time in the world to contact one another.  Reality sucks and gravity wins. If we have another class reunion, I won't miss it. Let's all stay well til then! Cindy (Olsen) Lapworth

01/08/17 08:52 PM #4    

Sherwin "Jay" Siegall

Nice to see the fond memories of Chere! Chere was a beautiful person and a sweetheart. Always looked forward to seeing her at reunions and fond memories from ETHS! Another sad loss for our class!    And YES Cindy Olsen it does suck and gravity does do its thing!!!!!! Definately hope you make the next reunion. They are a wonderful time with great people. We need to enjoy each other as long as we are able!!    And Susan YOU ARE SO right about Chere' always having a smile. That is my lasting memory of her!




01/09/17 05:53 PM #5    

Joan Heap (Burtnette)

I ran into Chere some years ago as we both had parents living in Leisure Village in Fox Lake.  She was a girl who always had a big smile and a joyful outlook.  I was very sorry to hear about her illness and passing.  We had great fun in our high school years.  I still fondly remember Chere, Cindy Olsen, Debbie Ancheta and I traveling together on our trip to Washington DC.  I am sure there are many who will miss her.

01/09/17 08:43 PM #6    

Patricia Cameron (Seneco)

I am so sorry to hear of Chere's passing. I remember all the fun times we had and

all the trouble we skated through. Those days were fun, and Chere always had a smile to light up a room. 

One of my memories was of her house, she had a private bathroom attached to her bedroom and I thought 

that was the coolest thing ever. Rest in peace Chere and many prayers to your family.

01/11/17 06:55 AM #7    

Jane Henry (Andersen)

It's taken me awhile to post in this section.  Chere was very clear that she didn't want anyone else to know she was so sick.  Les finally called me after he found out Chere had stage 4 cancer and I found a way to call.  While she told me about her illness she also talked about politics.  She was very worried about Trump becoming president.  She was also driving Les crazy because she wouldn't quit smoking.  He didn't know it was too late.

Chere was very upbeat in the way she talked.  She talked about her child and her grandchidren.  She was very close to them and so very proud.  She was always so aware of what was going on in my life too.  I thought her life was too busy but she always reached out to me to check on things.  I saw her about 3 years ago in the summer.  We went swimming at her pool and caught up on so many things.  I designated her as the keeper of the memories.  So many memories would be lost without Chere knowing them.  I came down about 2 years ago and just hung out, talked about the past, present and the future.  Had some lunch.  She was full of optimism but also pessimism because she knew she was sick but could not get doctors to believe her.  It's what ultimately killed her.  She was a strong advocate for herself and her doctors would not believe her.  I told her to come up to Madison and get some real care from some real doctors but that didn't happen.

I finally got to call her about 10 days before she died.  I'm glad we got to talk for almost an hour.  We went many years without talking and yet we picked up where we left off.  I think we freaked Les out with how similar we were in so many ways.  I will always be greatful to Chere for saving me.  I was a miserable kid who had no friends and she took me in and gave me friends.  My last two years of high school were so much better than my first two years.  I had friends, a life, and all because of Chere.  She invited me over to her house that first night and we were joined at the hip from them on.  

I am sorry Chere that the world is not what you would like it to be but at least you didn't see it.  It would have driven you crazy.

I will miss you with all my heart.  Without you there would not have been me.  Thank you for finding me again and bringing me back to your life.


01/11/17 12:39 PM #8    

Robert Lindner



It’s hard to remember a memory,

With seventy years of rememberings,

But I think I do remember Chere,

Though it was fifty years ago, it brings

Me back to me, in that old century.

Chere was a very pretty girl, I know,

And that is most of what comes back to me.

I’d like to add more, but it’s long ago,


And she has no profile to remind me why

I remember her, and I don’t recall

How to pronounce her name, well, perhaps I

Was shy, and she was fairest of them all.

So Chere, like share or like the sherry,

That I’ll drink in your name, here’s to what’s true,

Which is the beauty that your soul must carry,

Because Beauty’s how I remember you.


Robert Lindner

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