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Cheryl Stevens

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11/03/13 10:34 AM #9    

Richard Darling

Elaine, I to remember Cheryl form Central and Nichols, although I was not in Mrs. Mortons homeroom at Nichols she was always a friend. Always had something good to say.

11/04/13 03:10 PM #10    

Abigail Albert (Albert)

Cheryl was a good friend at Central Elementary School and continued at Nichols Jr. High School.  I remember visiting her with my dad in a Chicago hospital.    I also remember her "dancing" on one leg at one of the Jr. High lunchroom dances. She was courageous.

11/04/13 03:46 PM #11    

Alison Hayford

It makes me feel good to see how many other people have posted comments here. Cheryl was an only child, and I don't know what became of her parents.  I didn't know if there was anyone left to remember her short life.  It's good to see that she did leave an impresion on the world and that she hasn't entirely disappeared from human memory.  I've visited her grave a few times when I was in Evanston, but I don't know if and when I will get to Evanston again.  And--to change the subject a bit--hello to everyone who was at Central School........and in Mrs Morton's homeroom at Nichols. 

11/04/13 04:03 PM #12    

Sherwin "Jay" Siegall

After the last comment I wonder if anyone does have any info about Cheryls parents or family! If so it would be wonderful to share this thread of rememberances abot Cheryl!

11/04/13 06:24 PM #13    

Elaine Borland (Purnell)

Vernon, don't know about the bench but we did form a memorial for cancer research and also planted a tree in her memory. And I too wish I knew how to reach her parents. They moved away shortly after her death and never heard back from them. 

Hope all of you can come to the reunion. 

11/04/13 10:01 PM #14    

Joan Hirshman

Hi to all!  I, too, was in Mrs. Morton's Homeroom. My memories of Cheryl are also warm friendship and special.  I remember one of my first boy/girl parties was at her home. This was after the first surgery.  I rode the elevator at Nichols with her to carry her books.  I have thought of her so often over the years. 

I'm hoping to be at the reunion next summer. Seeing any and all of you will be a pleasure.

11/05/13 10:57 PM #15    

Susan Spiegel (Pastin)

Hi Alison!  I remember you from 8th grade!

11/09/13 08:35 PM #16    

Holly Romans (Green)

I met Cheryl at the "y" in junior high school.  I was so impressed with her fighting spirit and her courage to live a normal life despite enormous difficulties.  I never knew her parents but know they would be touched to read some of the comments regarding their daughter.  She was a special person we lost way too soon.

11/11/13 03:42 PM #17    

Suzi Schor (Revill)

I remember so many wonderful things about Cheryl.  I came to Nichols in the eighth grade - yes, Mrs. Morton's class - and we became immediate friends.  Despite what she was going through, she was always smiling and making the people around her believe that she would live forever.  I even remember her coming back to PE and shooting baskets....


Funny, how some people leave an indelible mark in your heart and never hear the words spoken to them....thank you, Cheryl, for being a good friend and inspiring gift to all of us.    broken heart

11/11/13 04:21 PM #18    

Vernon Neece

It's amazing how many of our lives were touched by "Mama" Morton at Nichols Jr High School.  I can't remember how long it was after graduation, but I was back visiting in Evanston when my mother & I ran into Mrs Morton in a grocery store.  We had a nice, brief chat.

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