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Hillary Sargent (Detjens)

Hillary Sargent (Detjens)

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11/16/13 09:53 PM #1    

Carol Simon (Kohn)

Hey to Everyone from the class of 1964!smiley   

Hillary and I had been a part of the very first Summer Music Theater Workshop together between our Junior and Senior years at ETHS (1963) which was "Wonderful Town." We were both chorus members for this very first of it's kind production. No, I don't  happen toknow if ETHS is still doing this or not anymore ove the summer months now. Does anyone who might live still in the Chicago area know if it's still being done or not? If you do know if ETHS is sgtill doing this summer activity-pleasecontact me via e-mail at 

"Wonderful Town" was directed by Malcolm Mosing (who was an English teacher over the rest of  the school year [I was one of his English students in my Junior year too as he told my classmates and myself in a class period about this project before it became a reality too] as he also diected the annual student musical that was produced each year over the spring months), the orchestral director was Bob Werner, Ken Sole was the vocal coach for those of us who were seen acting and singing in the show and Bill Ditton helped with the make up of all of the cast members; all of us who were in the show had pitched in-when not rehearsing parts of the show-to go and consturct the show's scenery under the eyes of Robert Proper who later went on to work for what is now WLS-TV, the ABC television station in Chicago with the designing of the sets seen airing on this station in the local Chicago metropolitan area.

I can still clearly remember that she (Hillary) had to then go and teach those of us in the chorus (including me!)who didn't know how to do the Conga (which was a cute dance number done in this show) on to do it correctly, we then often went and did the practicing of ths dance from the ETHS music wing by what had been A-131(the insturmental music room in our high school years at ETHS) over to the main school offices on the first floor and back again having the time of our lives doing this dance. When we did the congo number in the show, it was well received by the audience who were watching it being done on the auditorium stage since we also had two different actresses doing the main female leads of Ruth and Eileen Sherwood on the two nights when it was performed. 

After the shows had been done sometime in mid to late July of 1963, the cast of "Wonderful Town" was in for an unexpected treat-by means of a chartered bus- the cast along with the teachers who'd worked on the production went down to where WBBM-TV had been on McClurg Court in Chicago and were able to watch the uncut version of the videotape of when "The Mikado" had been taped in the ETHS auditorium on a very warm and humid evening as there was one picture worth a thousand words shown-that of Bob Werner wiping the sweat off of his face with one hand as he was directing the orchestra with a baton in the other which all sent us watching it bursting out with laughter. I wish that had been left in when it did eventually air on WBBM-TV as this was the first and only time that I can remember a high school musical production done by actual students attending the school that was to earn a local Emmy award as the Emmy (the last I knew) was in an enclosed glass case by the public enrryway to the auditorium as I'd seen it there on a tour of ETHS during our  last reunion before our 50th one next September..


12/12/13 07:52 PM #2    

Mike Barnes

Oh, this is a shame.  Hillary and I, along with Greg Meeker, we're best of friends, and this continued through my freshman year at college.  

I remember being with a handful of folks, sitting in the basement at Hillary's house, singing songs and playing guitar.  

Hillary and I dated for a bit while I was in college.

i last spoke with her about 10 years ago, from Europe, as I was traveling for my company.  She'd linked up again, and I somehow got her phone number.

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