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Leon Levin

Leon Levin

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06/27/14 07:23 AM #4    

Thomas Starck

Leon and I got together in high school to play some music and formed a small band.  We ended up playing at a few church teen dances but never really jelled into anything more.  Can't remember how we met, but we had some fun times together.  I was shocked to hear he had been murdered on beach in Florida.

06/27/14 04:01 PM #5    

Dale Madson

It's been so many years and did Leon or his brother have a Harley sportster and did he reside on Hinman ave? I think there was a Corvette in the deal some where too??

Dale C. Madson


06/27/14 07:29 PM #6    

Patricia Cameron (Seneco)

Thanks for all the updates on Leon. My husband , has lots of pre high school stories. Leon was a bit wild. Bob went to visit him one day and rode to his house on his bike , he was 14, Leon drove by him in a car. There are lots of stories like that . So sorry to hear that he was just found dead, that is so sad.

06/28/14 01:03 PM #7    

Dale Madson

Dale C. Madson,


Leon had parked his/brothers Harley along side the auto mechanics building and he was trying to kick start the bike with out any luck. So me who knew nothing about the process steps up to help, as Leon was a bit dogged from kicking the starter. He reluctantly let me give it a try, I cought it on a compression pop and it about put me over the handlebars. Much to the delight of those that were gathered around. To the best of my memory Leon got back on the bike and it cranked on the first kick. He promptly road off into the sunset. 

06/28/14 01:39 PM #8    

Bruce Symonds

Best motorcycle ride I've ever had, bar none.  He said 'hang on tight' and he meant it.  Seems like we went from Golf to Howard on McCormick in about 45 seconds but believe me, I wasn't looking at my watch.  Think of him regularly.  Special spirit.  Really stunned and saddenend when I heard the news.

03/20/21 01:11 AM #9    

Rise Narens

The only memory I have of Leon.  He sold me my first car, a 1953 Buick Special, for $50.00  Had it for 2 years in High School.   devil  Rise Narens

03/20/21 01:30 PM #10    

Richard Lancia

Cna you see this video of Leon?  Not sure how to load it.

03/20/21 03:34 PM #11    

Pauline Noznick (Gerstein)

My  memory of Leon Levin was from homeroom in South Hall.  Leon played his electric guitar for us, something like Tel Star that was popular then.  He may have played more.  He got a mixed reception, many people yelled "more, more" at the same time others yelled "less, less." He played pretty well, but I didn't appreciate electric guitar music at the time, I liked acoustic better.

03/20/21 07:55 PM #12    

Susan Holsten (Blumer)

Leon always seemed Happy go Lucky! He was always jovial and got along with everyone!

03/21/21 10:52 AM #13    

Kathy Dalgety (Miehls)

Oh, my God. Another classmate has passed away? Leon Levin...I didn't know him, but he joins a group of classmates that we all are mourning. RIP, Leon.

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