In Memory

Jaclyn Tipp

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02/08/20 12:53 AM #3    

Holly Romans (Green)

Thanks, Suzanne, for filling us in.  I am so saddened that such a sweet person had all these difficulties but I am especially bummed  to hear about her lack of contact with her kids.  😢 

02/08/20 10:05 AM #4    

Karen Kaz

That's such a sad story.

My mom willed her remains to Univ. of Miami Med. School.

It is a wonderful thing to do. 



02/08/20 02:00 PM #5    

Bonnie Robinson

I, too, am very saddened to hear about Jackies' passing and to echo, Holly, I am most sad that she no longer had contact with her sons!

I remember Jackie as a very sweet and kind young woman and I sincerely hope that she RIP forever!

02/09/20 07:15 AM #6    

Leslie Perel (Brody)

My friendship with Jackie began when we became neighbors in junior high. She was very petite but her enthusiasm and exhuberance were gigantic.  So cute and adorabe, with a twinkle in her eye, joy in her voice and ever quick to smile and laugh. As an adult, her creative endevors included being a talented painter and creator of a unique variety of hand made crafts.  Jackie stayed positive through much personal adversity and always had love and hope in her heart.  I admired her for never allowing bitterness, due to unfair circumstances, cloud her pleasant attitude. Jackie was a truly kind, caring and beautiful person in every way. 


02/09/20 11:07 AM #7    

Holly Romans (Green)

Thanks, Leslie, for mentioning how tiny she was.  It jarred some of my gray matter.  I believe she was Willie Wildkit our high school mascot and that is how I came to know her.  You had to be itsybitsy to fit into that costume and full of energy to run around the football field or basketball court as that getup was heavy and hot, as I recall.  Your description of her was perfect - so sweet, and positive.  That is how I want to remember her.

02/09/20 12:56 PM #8    

Vernon Neece

I did not know Jackie, but nevertheless it's still sad to learn of the passing of another classmate.

02/10/20 10:14 AM #9    

Ruth Gross

As soon as I saw Jackie's name, I conjured up her face.  We must have been in a gym class together or something like that. Although I certainly didn't know her well, the news of her passing saddened me greatly, as it was yet another indication that our "64 circle has diminished in size yet again.  I wish for all of us who are still here the enjoyment of the memories of our youth, but more important the savoring of joy in our current lives. I know there is so much to be unhappy and worried about as we get to this point in life, but it is important to grab onto the moments of delight, satisfaction, and perhaps even wonder that present themselves--even if tempered. That is living well, and we all know, living well is the best revenge.  Go for it, Class of '64! 

02/10/20 11:13 AM #10    

Bonnie Robinson

Thank you, Ruth, for the beautiful and oh, so wise sentiments! Yes, it's important to embrace the good and let the rest just fall away.

02/12/20 11:29 AM #11    

John Harris

So sad >My parents willed Their bodies to the Mayo Clinic in Minn. With all my issues with NF and a brain stem  tumor I will do the same. Problably to Northwestern hospital. Thanks for my Dr. support with Dr. Raj in Evanston and Dr,David Saper my bone Dr. still up and active.

02/13/20 08:53 PM #12    

Lincoln Krochmal

Although I did not know Jaclyn directly, I join others in mourning the loss of another of our classmates. We need to cherish and give thanks for every day we  are fortunate to enjoy in this life. May Jaclyn rest in peace and rremain in our thoughts and prayers. Best wishes to all.

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