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Peter Skoglund

Peter Skoglund

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03/06/24 05:54 PM #1    

Fred Brostoff

Provided by classmate Rommie Taylor on Feb 29, 2024:  I just received notification that Peter Skoglund had his daily swim and passed out in the locker room and couldn't be revived. He has made his transition. Please join me in offering condolences to his family. I know Peter was going to be on the call tomorrow but as we often say ,"tomorrow is not promised to anyone ." Keep your focus on enjoying  each day and letting our love ones know that we love them❤️👍🙏!!<>>

Provided by classmate Kathy Dalgety Miehls on March 6, 2024:  Link to the funeral. Funeral Mass for Peter Skoglund March 22, 2024 - 11:30AM Mass

Also, following is a link to a 1964 news article about the IL state swimming competition...with mention of Pete Skoglund.

03/08/24 02:48 PM #2    

Toni Schlesinger

Peter Skoglund -- the best ! a friend at eths! i remember being in his car one night and somehow we pretended we were in a james bond movie...and he was shaking talcum powder out the car window..."it's the smoke screen," he said.

His family and so many friends must miss him so much.

Toni Schlesinger - class of 1964





03/08/24 04:40 PM #3    

Lee Saberson

Pete was a great athlete and a smart, fun guy. We will miss him. Blessings to his family. RIP, Pete.

03/09/24 11:17 AM #4    

Jack Rakove

This is just such an awful way to start the day by hearing about first Pete and now Bob Reeder as well. I had been in touch with Pete a bit recently, especially after having lunch with Mike Silverman and Mark Goodman on my last trip to town, when Pete phoned in briefly (I think from the SC Sea Islands) to say a quick hello and we all agreed to get together on my next trip. Bob I knew less well, but he was a sweet guy. And seeing Pete, Bob, and Roger Ward pass away in quick succession is a great if sad reminder of what an amazingly talented cluster of athletes we had in our class.

Baruch dayan ha'emet: blessed is the true judge who weighs each of us--and we know well how all three should be measured.

03/10/24 12:11 AM #5    

Gale Glassner (Twersky)

I was stunned and so sad to learn of Pete's passing. It's difficult to process that he is no longer here except in spirit. My next thought was how devastating it can be for his family, loved ones and friends.So, I send my condolences to all who feel the pain of his loss. I still have clear memory of Pete's vibrant personality, his funny antics that made me laugh and the fun at being at his swim meets. The last time I saw Pete and had a few miniiutes to speak with him, was at our 25th? high school reunion. Hope I can make it to the next one!

03/14/24 07:19 AM #6    

Arthur Gechman

I first met Pete in 1959 (Yikes!) when he came to his Mom’s classroom at Skiles Junior HS after school.  He was going to another junior HS and stopped by see to his Mom.  His Mom was my #1 favorite teacher in all elementary and secondary school, although tied for second are John Reque, Thomas Sharp & Clarence Thomas (Mr. Thomas was a former NFL player & later principal of Skiles; I believe the first black principal in the Evanston School District).  Mrs. Skoglund had a great impact on me as a person.  She was an exceptional person of exemplary character who raised 2 children on her own who were 2 & 4 when their father had a coronary & died in his early 40’s. Ironically, Pete’s father also died after swimming.

I have three other trace memories of Pete from the 1960’s.

In 1969, there was a chance and unexpected encounter with each other walking on the Washington University campus in St. Louis.  I was walking down a very familiar path and suddenly I saw him out of the blue, out of the past and seemingly in the wrong place.  Sadly, I haven’t seen Pete since then.

Two other contacts stick in my mind. 

Somehow Alan Axelrod and I concluded it would be a good idea to work out in the off season with the swim team.  Coach Gillis stood at the front, pounding a bat rhythmically as he yelled “no gain without pain”.  And boy was he right.  When I saw Pete in the locker room, I knew my plan to get in better shape was now doomed—a bridge too far.

When I was a junior, I covered several of his swim meets for the Evanstonian.  Wow, what an athlete!

Farewell to a fine person and that somewhat rarer individual (although not at Evanston schools back then) who was a privilege to know.  The author Maya Angelou said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” She was so right.

Art Gechman

03/17/24 11:08 PM #7    

Karen Kaz

Art....Beautiful tribute!!

03/18/24 02:48 PM #8    

Ruth Gross

(Art--I think you meant Charles (Charlie) Thomas, not Clarence. One of my favorite teachers of all time, as well.)

Didn't know Pete personally, although we both went to Northwestern after graduating, but of course, he was a swim team legend.  I am glad to know he had such a wonderful and full life. That's all any of us can wish for.

03/19/24 12:55 PM #9    

Donald Farquharson

Peter was a longtime friend who will be missed, even though I hadn't had much contact with him for many years.  Besides being a fine swimmer, he was a great friend, and always fun to be around.  I lost contact with him as I made my way across the country working in Advertising mostly, but eventually ended-up buying a Career School in KC, which specialized in massage therapy, but later added Fitness & Nutrition and Medical Assisting.  We have four campuses in KC, Wichita, Lawrence and Springfield. 


Don Farquharson


Wellspring School of Allied Health


03/20/24 11:03 AM #10    

Karen Holby (Fornell)

Farewell Peter, childhood friend, neighbor and birthday twin. What a life you had.  My sincere condolences to your family. Godspeed 

1952  Haven School Kindergarten

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