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Robert Reeder

Robert Reeder

Following is the text from Bob's obituary:

Obituary published on by Maloney Funeral Home - Sarasota on Mar. 19, 2024.

Robert (Bob) John Reeder, 78, passed away March 6, 2024. He was born on March 4, 1946 in Chicago, Illinois to the late Rawls Samuel and Johanna Marie (Schranz) Reeder. As a dear friend declared, Bob was "a Winner...he absolutely hated to lose at anything."

"An athlete from the cradle" (as described by a former early childhood friend), Bob excelled as an all-state tackle at Evanston High, where friends described him as "always friendly and kind." In 1964, Bob received a scholarship to play football at Northwestern University. He earned his Masters Degree in Education, graduating to teach high school history and coach football for 10 years in Sycamore, Illinois. Following his tenure teaching, he joined Franklin Life to begin a long career in insurance sales.

From Evanston, Illinois, he and his wife Betty began spending time in Sarasota in 2003 and moved here permanently in 2010.

Bob was a very active member of the Bent Tree Country Club. He loved golfing, cooking, socializing, and hosting parties. Outgoing and full of life, Bob never met a stranger.

He was a loving husband of 25 years to Betty (Stoehr) Reeder; a dedicated father to sons William Reeder (wife Tracy) and James Reeder (wife Cynthia); a welcoming stepfather to stepson Daniel Battle (wife Estrella Tadeo) and stepdaughter Emily Battle (wife Jennifer Tetler); a devoted brother to sisters Jeannine Wesley and Susan Karandreas (husband Jim); and an enthusiastic, larger-than-life "Pops" to grandchildren Jay, Cate, Sarah, Lyla, June, and step-grandchildren Taylor and Riley.

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03/09/24 01:33 AM #13    

Ruth Gross

I am traveling and was greatly saddened to find out about Bob's death yesterday. Bob and I were in the same class at Lincoln School from first to sixth grade. We had something of a bond, as he was the biggest and I the smallest member of our class. He was responsible for giving me the nickname that stuck with me all through Lincoln--Peewee!  I always took it as a term of endearment.   Like Linda, I, too remember being on stage with him--for me it was the second grade production of "The Hare and the Tortoise,"--Bob was the tortoise--slow and steady and I was the speedy, but outraced hare.  At one point, the tortoise lectures the hare and Bob was so imposing he backed me right into the scenery of a tree on stage and I knocked it over. We both had a good laugh about that. It was important to me to have seen him at the past reunions.  It's remarkable how deeply the relationships from elementary school still reside.  I am a sadder person knowing that Bob is no longer in this world.

03/09/24 06:52 AM #14    

Judith Myerson (Laitman)

I don't comment on this site but do read others.  As Holly said, these loses all togather of Bob and Peter and Roger cut deep.  Each of these wonderful men left memories of energy, and humor and joy in life.  I hope their families and the ETHS fmaily can take some sollace in the ways these perople walked in and touched the world.  

03/09/24 01:42 PM #15    

Don Hall

We all know when there's a person or personality that we look forward to being around...that's Bob Reeder.  Fun, energetic and outspoken; all that fits.  I'm certain that my first recollections of Bob were Little League baseball as Marty Schwartz mentioned; my Brother Chuck, Georgie Dawson, Toby Wilt, Alan Fischer and I were the opposition representing the Optimist Club...Bob was a force to be reckoned with.  Later, it was somewhat intimidating, in those earlier years of youth flag football to have this "hulk" coming at you.  None the less, Nichols Junior High was a great melting pot for all of us from different elementary schools to become friends both on fields of competition and the was easy with Bob.  I will miss Bob and that big arm of his wrapped around my neck upon greeting and him saying..."how ya doing, Donut"

03/09/24 03:51 PM #16    

Vernon Neece

I was really bummed to learn of Bob's death.  Particularly after just sending hime a birthday wish via this site.  Each classmate's passing is sad and I don't know why Bob's death has effected me this way.  I don't recall any classes I had with Bob and we certainly weren't close friends, but he was always friendly & kind to md in school and greeted me warmly at the 2 reunions I attended.  It's obvious from all the comments posted about Bob that he was well liked by many of our classmates.  Rest in peace, Bob.

03/10/24 01:05 PM #17    

Patrick Furlong

Don's comment about Bob Reeder steaming toward him in a YMCA flag football game reminded me that Bob played on Fox's club, and we had a play we simply called "X", which amounted to giving Bob the ball, trying to open a hole for him, and watching him plow through anyone who remained in his way, often for a TD. Later, I spent a couple of years across from him at our ETHS lunch table, along with Brian English, Bill Minear, and Ward Readeker--sadly, all gone now. RIP, all four of you.

03/10/24 04:26 PM #18    

Alison Van Swearingen (Brown)

We all have an "expiration date" we just don't know when.  Three great guys.  Roger, Bob and Peter.  RIP


03/11/24 11:16 AM #19    

Bruce Boyer

Oh, boy!

I can honestly say that no one I knew during my childhood was closer than Bob. He and I went through Lincoln School together (as Ruth noted) and had adventures beyond adventures. Much of it was around athletics. We played Cub Scout baseball and later YMCA football, basketball and baseball. He, of course, was an athlete from the cradle -- only at times could I catch up with him. We were also in the same Y Club and spent three years in Boy Scouts together. 

In high chool we moved in different circles but never lost the connection and senior year we were in Brillianteen together 

Bob started dating Betty Stoehr in high school. Betty went to Smith and twice, during our freshman and sophomnore years, Bob showed up at my Amherst College dorm to crash when he came back for the Smith College Winter Festival (not sure that was its name but you get the idea.) During junior and senior year, no Bob so I figures it was over with Betty -- something that was confirmed late in my senior year when I got back to my room in the fraternity house to discover Betty out on a date with my roomate. 

Well, time marched on until one night maybe twenty-five-plus years ago when I ran into Bob at an Evanston-New Trier basketball game. He announced that he had gotten divorced, as had Betty, and they were back seeing each other. His comment at the time "It was meant to be!" And it was. They bought a big house on Asbury, and I remember feeling very good about that because Bob's father had been a janitor and he grew up in a basement apartment down on Hinman Avenue, because I felt no one deserved success more than Bob.

They soon decamped to Florida and at our 50th, I saw the two of them together, happy as clams. They were dancing when I went up and quoted the line from the famous Frank Sinatra song "Chicago" "I saw a man, he danced with his wife," which brought a lovely smile and a big laugh.

Bob may be gone but he will forever remain alive for me.

Bruce Boyer 


03/17/24 10:17 AM #20    

Theodore Downing

So sad to hear of Bob's passing.  Just saw him at the golf course this past January in Sarasota. He was a great guy and will be missed.  RIP my friend!!

03/20/24 02:03 PM #21    

Edward Leach

I was a student and friend's with Bob from Jr. High on. Bob was fun to be around and loyal to a fault. He will be missed by all! Godspeed Bob!

03/22/24 03:26 PM #22    

Bruce Symonds

A life well lived.  RIP, friend. 

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