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Jodie Grobeck

Jodie Grobeck

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05/06/14 09:19 AM #1    

Stephen Smith

Jodie and I went to the same church( First United Methodist) , I remember really liking her and trying to get her to pay attention me. She was dating Rick Caldwell at the time and I told her something I had heard about Rick, but it just backfired on me(young and foolish). Later we were in a small skit together in a variety show that the youth group at church put on every year. My mom was directing. Jodi and I played 2 "coming of age" teens(how hard was that?). We play acted our first kiss, wondering what to do with our noses, which got in the way the first 2 tries. ( and my mom was directing this?).

Later just before I got drafted, we dated briefly(we were both working at Amer. Hosp. Supply). One date was to a Blackhawks game ( how romantic), must have been free tickets. I 'll never forget, as we were leaving the organ was playing The Lord's Prayer song and Jodi said that was one of her favorite songs. (My dad sang it at my wedding to Cori in "92). I went in the army and lost touch with Jodi. 

Then I heard a rumor that she had  been married , divorced and she became hard (bitter?) after that. Then I saw her at the 10th reunion, during my hippie stage. She had really changed. (It's so important not to let life influence us in a negative way). 

Then at the 25th I heard she had died in an apartment fire(she had been a smoker)

Sad, but maybe someone can add some other memories. 

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!!!!....loliJ...steve smith

09/09/14 01:17 PM #2    

Karl Morthole

Jodie and I were in first-year German class together in '61-'62, in my father's 1 German class.  Digressing a moment, it was somewhat strange being in class with my dad as a teacher, but I liked German and studied hard, so it was not a problem.  From that point on, Jodie and I became acquaintances and friends and always tried to speak a little German to each other when passing.  One time when my steady girlfriend, Nancy Patton, could not go with me to a dance, I invited Jodie to join me, and we went and had a good time.  That was the only date we had, but we remained friends, seeing and greeting each other in the halls and speaking a little German.  Her tragic death, apparently in a fire, was so sad, and she is missed.

09/09/14 10:56 PM #3    

Gale Glassner (Twersky)

I was so shocked and saddened by Jodie's tragic death. She was a dear friend to Bev Unger Brodsky and I had kept up with her after high school through Bev. Jodie was always so friendly and kind to others, a beautiful young woman who left us way too early. 


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