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Evanston Twp High School
Class Of 1964



Dear ETHS Family,

Mr. George Floyd. A Black man. Murdered. Never forget this.

Frustration. Hurt. Deep pain. Fear. Anger. Rage. Our emotions are boiling over.

Systemic racism. Racial inequity. Racial injustice. Never ignore or accept this.

Bigotry. Racial discrimination. Devaluing human lives. Never fail to act when you witness this.

We are traumatized by Mr. Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. We are traumatized by the deaths of Mr. Ahmaud Arbery and Ms. Breonna Taylor. We are traumatized because these deaths are inhumane and incomprehensible. We are traumatized because we know that these are not isolated tragedies. We are traumatized because this illustrates the cruelty and damage perpetuated by racism. This is the racial history of this country, repeated again and again, generation after generation. Racism and endless racial discrimination are woven into the very fabric of this nation.

The message to our students and our community today is this: take action. Do something. Don’t just see racism as abhorrent, do something to stop it.

What’s the problem with being “not racist”? It is a claim that signifies neutrality: “I am not a racist, but neither am I aggressively against racism.” But there is no neutrality in the racism struggle. The opposite of “racist” isn’t “not racist.” It is “antiracist.”

                                 ― Ibram X. Kendi, How to Be an Antiracist

Public protests are important. Marches for justice and peace matter. We need to publically take a stand. Yet, showing our public support for racial justice can only be part of our individual journeys. These past days and weeks remind us individually and collectively why ETHS must continue to acknowledge our past and remain undaunted in our work to fight racism and its effects on our educational system.

Understand that racism damages all human beings. Racism produces inequities and disparities in every sector of private and public life. Identify the inequities. White people: Confront your own deep down beliefs and behaviors. Take action to eliminate inequities by championing antiracist ideas and policies. Support groups, organizations and institutions that are advocating for and changing practices and policies to eliminate inequities. Vote only for candidates who fight against beliefs, policies and practices that perpetuate inequity. Don’t espouse your opposition to racism but then stand on the sidelines letting others do the hard work. Stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are taking action. Stand with antiracists. Dedicate your life, dedicate your actions to combating racism. Take antiracist action in your own personal life. Today, tomorrow and every day for the rest of your life.

We could tell you two stories in just the last three days about racism on social media involving teenagers in Evanston. We could tell you stories about people who tell us they live here because of our diversity at ETHS and then say things about our school “catering” to “those” people, or “lowering expectations,” stories that would make you cringe. Those comments cannot be allowed to stand. Being offended is not sufficient. Doing something about it is required. We must all do that. White people, are you listening? This isn’t a part-time job. This must be a full-time responsibility. We’re either all in or we’re not antiracist.

Not being a racist in Evanston is insufficient. We cannot live in a bubble. We must eradicate racism in our schools, institutions and community. We must eradicate it in this region which is replete with evidence of racism, and we must eradicate racism in this nation and vote out racist elected officials. Combating racism is our personal responsibility. When you witness a microaggression, a racial injustice or overt racism, speak up and confront it. When you see inequity and discrimination, do something about that.

Mr. George Floyd. A Black man. Murdered. Devote your life to action. Be strong. Be a brave antiracist.



Eric Witherspoon, Ph.D.

ETHS Superintendent


Marcus A. Campbell, Ed.D.

ETHS Assistant Superintendent & Principal



We have opened the following new topic within the “Political / Social Commentary” section of the User Forums:  “A Message from Superintendent Witherspoon”.  We encourage our classmates to share their feelings on this matter.  As you compose your thoughts, remember that it is not wrong to have a differing opinion. 


 55th REUNION 


A few months ago, we concluded a very successful 55th Reunion that included lunch at Hackney’s, a Meet ‘n Greet at the Hilton Garden Inn, walking tour of downtown Evanston, and dinner at the Glen View Club.  In addition, Bob Reece arranged a golf outing on Thursday, and Vic Brown coordinated attendance at a Cubs baseball game on Sunday (and they won 16-6!).  What a happy, fun, and full weekend of reunion activities. 


Thanks to those classmates who have contributed photos from the reunion.  Your photos have been posted on the website.  The photos can be found by clicking on the link on the left side of this homepage that reads "55th Reunion - Sept, 2019", then, in the dropdown menu, click on "55th Reunion Photo Gallery".  If any of you have additional photos from this reunion that you would like to share, please direct them to Fred Brostoff at



One of the most critical steps in planning a high school reunion is the process of gathering classmate contact information.  If we can’t contact you, we can’t tell you about the reunion plans.  We are grateful for the many classmates who have already provided us with updated contact information.  For those of you who haven't provided current contact info and would like to do so by using this website, please note the following guidelines: 

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For your viewing enjoyment, here are a few ETHS memories:

Also, we've posted some memorable 1960s songs/videos on the "Class of '64 Photo Galleries" page.  If you have a favorite 60's song or video that you'd like to see posted, send your request to the Website Administrator.

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