55th Reunion Donors

List of donors lor the 55th ETHS Class of 1964 Reunion. Donations are cash and/or in kind contributions covering some of the reunion expenses. These donations are the reason the Friday night event is free and other events are reasonably priced. The reunion committee thanks our donors. Last updated July 20, 2019.

Judy Anderson                                                

Merry Anderson Roy                                      


John Baackes                                                 

Pam Beall Art                                                 

Susan Barrett  Brown                                     

Suzanne Blumenfeld Zipkoff                          

Elaine Borland Purnell                                   

Fred Brostoff                                                  

Victor Brown                                                                          

Jackie Clare Louis                                           

Preston Cook

Kathy Dalgety Miehls

Louise Dietrich Robb

Lynn Eitzen Shaffer

Jerri Engeln McCabe

Don Farquharson

Stephen Gerth

Dale Goodman

Mark Goodman

Lee Graber

Ruth Gross

Don Hall

Art Hallstrom

Vicki Hlavacik

Debbie Horwitz Nierman

Lincoln Krochmal

Carolyn Lehman Potter

Paula Massey

John McCabe

Jane McClenaghan Smith

Don Mellish

Judy Myerson Laitman

Fran O’Connell

Cynthia Olsen Lapworth

Stephen Place

Sylvia Ramming Wulffen

Robert Reece

Lee Saberson

Leo Schlossberg

Nancy Schroeder

Lois Shelton

Sherwin “Jay” Siegall

Peter Skoglund

Trudi Spaeth Rosazza

Susan Spiegel Pastin

 Lynn Stein Goldenberg

Ruth Stenstrom

Lillian Summers                     

Wendy Synder Couch

Chuck Thompson

Roberta (Bobby) Thorne Majka

Beverley (Bev) Unger Brodsky

Alison (Sunny) Van Swearingen

John VerSteeg

Harriet Washington Quinn

Phyllis White Treff

Scott Wiscomb                       

Helga Zirkel Schwarten